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HolliWoodWhore Report | 09/26/2009 7:23 am
thanks love.
but im nottt
CaN U CounT Report | 08/25/2009 2:03 pm
CaN U CounT
my friend told me to tell all of my friends this. If someone named j_neutron07 or umakesmefeelgood wants to add you as a friend, don't accept. It's a virus. Tell all of your friends because if someone on your list adds them, you will get it too. It's a hard drive killer and almost impossible to stop. Please pass this on to everyone on your list. We need to find out who it is using these accounts.Sorry for the inconvenience. Copy and paste this to everyone you know! We have to stop this!!!!!!

Thank you! btw the first message is something im passing around to warn gaia of these hackers
HolliWoodWhore Report | 08/02/2009 2:56 pm
haha why thankyou my dear
hmm ill have to think about ittt
XxX MoThEr NaTuRe XxX Report | 07/17/2009 8:39 am
XxX MoThEr NaTuRe XxX
hey umm remember lady hailey? this is my first gaia but sorry i had to leave early last night and i hope you feel better
welll... thats all i wanted to say lol biggrin
H_a_P_p_Y_b_U_n_E_y Report | 05/23/2009 3:59 am
Hey add mii ur add mii box isnt there
XxTe QuieroxX Report | 05/16/2009 7:16 pm
XxTe QuieroxX
thats my lil bro
XxTe QuieroxX Report | 05/16/2009 6:27 pm
XxTe QuieroxX
message ticklepickle123 sdont reply bak on this
XxTe QuieroxX Report | 05/16/2009 5:49 pm
XxTe QuieroxX
im white and black and little tiny bit of Muslim
XxTe QuieroxX Report | 05/16/2009 5:43 pm
XxTe QuieroxX
lmao thanks
XxTe QuieroxX Report | 05/16/2009 5:40 pm
XxTe QuieroxX

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