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Total Value: 142,786 Gold
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Item List:
Black Lace-up Cork Sandals
Red Stockings
Berry White Gathered Tavern Wench's Skirt
Berry Tavern Wench's Bustier
Picolitrosso's Urn 3rd Gen.
Gift of the Goddess
Celestial Wrap
Oculus Mythica

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suichigo Report | 05/29/2009 5:10 pm
thnx for buying Powder Blue Sweet Lace Bloomers for 8000. shop again!
Boku wa Roshia Report | 04/24/2009 3:49 pm
Omg!!!!! i Like Code Geass too!!!!! :3
shadowsnipe Report | 04/19/2009 7:28 pm
Ding Dong.
Rayoku-sama Report | 12/21/2008 9:36 pm
-looks at her very closely, eye-to-eye-

Basically, all of the spells that you have knowledge of.

Reveal all of them to me.
Rayoku-sama Report | 11/30/2008 1:29 pm
-nods slowly-

I see...

Now then.

Show me all the spells that you know of.
Rayoku-sama Report | 11/30/2008 11:33 am
-sighs in disappointment-

So be it.

You do not have to continue further.

I'll think of something else.
shadowsnipe Report | 11/29/2008 7:32 pm
Happy thanksgiving (sorry kinda late, havent been able to get on long enough to say it XD).
shadowsnipe Report | 11/25/2008 5:16 am
Oh lol. Ok. How much is alot lmao. I earn like 1k every time i play zOMG!. If you beat it and sell one of the items you get, its liek 200-300k for just one item. the scarf is like 500k
shadowsnipe Report | 11/21/2008 6:29 am
lol what are you rying to get for him?
shadowsnipe Report | 11/19/2008 5:04 am
Is that your other account?

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