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Euradu's Story

This is the story of far
Each paragraph represents an important event

After coming to this land, Euradu did not have much in the way of knowing what to do. Although being at the age of 20, he was like a newborn babe. He was introduced to the world by Skyly Miyu, a veteran of Gaia. Euradu learn much from Miyu as they had been friends from sometime past.

Euradu thought it was time to set out on his own and learn somethings for himself. He found a small hub only represented by three trees and two rocks. He asked one of the people hanging around what was this place. The person responded with Cosplay Town. From then on, Euradu never left the town.

He then met a girl by the name of Remilia Scarlet, a vampire. They found it quite to there enjoyment to hang around each other and find new people. Soon, Remilia became emotionally distraught because her boyfriend would not take her back. Euradu had no way of cheering her up other than going out with her. The two then had a great time together as lovers. But this did not last, as Remilia wanted to take things way too fast. Euradu then told her about his past and the mistake that he made with another girl, sending Remilia into shock. She then broke up with him but still kept in touch. She was last seen talking about how she was quitting Gaia and no one would talk to her.

Euradu became aware of the cyber situation with Gaians. He did not like how the people of Gaia had relationships. He then crafted himself pink armor and became the Knight of Love, proving that all relationships must have true love in them.

Euradu then met a girl but just not any girl. She was called Yukari Yakumo, and was the yokai of boundaries. The two had a past, as Euradu had fought her before. He challenged her again saying this was going to be it. Yukari accepted and a great battle took place. During the middle of the fight, another girl came running in to stop them. Euradu yelled at her to leave, but she still stayed. Yukari then used her final attack on Euradu, as millions of bullets came after him. He pushed the girl to the side and was hit on all parts of his body. He fell to the ground and died on the spot. Yukari saw that he had come along way and decided to give him his life back. However, Euradu had been physically scared all over his body, reducing him to nothing but hanging flesh. He had become a zombie.

Euradu roamed Gaia, having forgotten everything about himself. He was a zombie, walking with no mind or emotion. He had found clothes that covered up his body and face completely except for one eye. He then ran into the girl that was at his battle. He did not know who she was, asking her about the area. She said her name was Kurumu and was a succubus. She then helped Euradu recover his memories and live a normal life. Kurumu then fell in love with Euradu and the two have been dating ever since.

Euradu then met Ruko, a gender changing Nephilim, that tortured him the first time they met. After a while, Euradu ran into Ruko and they got married for 5 minutes and made sandwiches. After that, Euradu then trained Ruko to become a nice nephilim and be the first one to become his child. Ruko has been around Euradu ever since and are very close as father and child.

Euradu then started to pick up skills from other people. He found Cirno , an ice fairy and she taught him how to use gaps, the same ones Yukari used. Euradu then was able to control the gap and how it worked.

Euradu then stumbled across a mad scientist named Knives, a student at Evil Academy. She wanted to experiment on Euradu because of his zombie like state. Euradu reluctantly agreed and let Knives operate. When the procedure was done, she had installed robotic arms and legs on Euradu, as well as a mouth missile launcher. Euradu thanked her and the two became friends.

Euradu was thrown into the game called Sword Art Online( well more like jumped into it himself). He must battle all 100 floors in order to escape the game. His previous abilities are locked until he escapes the game.

Stats so far:
Special Gear:
Swift Katana
Sandals of Icarus
Dragon Wings
Sewing Belt
Reinforced Jacket(HP:500)
Personal Data Assistant
Eye of Izanagi and Izanami
Skills:Elemental Sword Arts

Tomo...a name that will stay in his mind forever. He met her as a witch and knows very little about her. she then disappeared after finding her revenge on something. She then came back, saying that everything was alright and that the curse had lifted...whatever that meant. Euradu then vowed to help her with whatever came in her life, in fear of being separated from her again.

Tomo finally revealed to Euradu that there friendship up until now has all been a facade. Flying away, Euradu then vowed that in order to end this madness, he would confront Tomo in combat. Euradu is now spending what could be the last of his days with his friends, who some have vowed to help him fight Tomo. One of them being Kuru, the one he has been going out with. Euradu wants her alive for something far greater in the future. He still has doubt that Tomo is evil so he is going to try and get some final answers out of her.

Euradu had a god named Izanagi in him that was released because of a blood insertion from Ruko. Izanagi wanted to destroy everything but was killed by Ruko after aging 100 years with a potion. When he was destroyed, the god Izanami, Izanagis counterpart, came out of Kuru and entered Euradus body. Izanami was filled with rage against Ruko and almost killed her by using the True Sword Art: Quadruple Giga. When all hope seemed lost, Euradu then took control of his own body and said farewell to Ruko, using the Quadruple Giga on himself, obliterating his body instantly. Then, the system of SAO forced his real body into the game, showing who he truly is to Ruko. He then rebooted up his character and created Euradu again, forcing him back out into the real world.

Facing a threat that could be dangerous to his friends, Euradu has strengthened his resolve to fight against the gods who have taken an interest in him and his family. Even though he is only human, he will take them on or die trying.

Finally realizing he had been lying this whole time to some of his friends, Euradu set off to fight the final boss of SAO. He gave one last hug to Ruko and flew to the final area, hoping to end his time in SAO.

After exiting SAO, Euradu retained all of his powers that he learned in the game. He would need to use these powers to help stop the new threat that was looming.

Euradu's daughter Yurimu had escaped the gap that he had thrown her in. She now wants to hunt down Euradu and kill him, but she has no real concept of the world around her. Euradu hopes to use all of his friends to make sure that Yurimu gets the training she needs. But Yurimu had other plans, tossing them both into the gap and having a battle inside it. Euradu then saw that the evil gods had actually created a counterpart to Euradu, telling him that she really wasnt his daughter. Euradu and Yurimu did not know what to do, until Yurimu decided to let Euradu kill her. He didnt want to but she insisted on it, killing her with one final blow. Euradu then absorbed the evil gods, creating the Quadra Eye which was a fusion of 4 gods.

Euradu then faced Tomo once more, them talking it out. She then reveals that she was a Nightmare, and had haunted Euradu since the beginning. Euradu finally figures out her motives and tells her that he will wake up today. He then charges for the True Sword Art: Quadruple Giga and releases it at Tomo, finally ending the long struggle Euradu has had in his heart. Tomo disappears with a final goodbye as Euradu tells her he will never forget her. With Tomo gone, Euradu is now realizing that his time in the Gaia world is not long. Tomo made Euradu not realize that the spell keeping him alive was wearing off, giving him less time than he knew. He must make sure that Yurimu completes her preparation for there battle and maybe find a way to make him whole again. Otherwise...he will die.

Euradu then meets Jill, a half human cat that healed him and turned him human. He then sees Majo yet again, wondering what she was still doing. After coming to terms with her appearance, they finally talk to one another. Euradu stumbles over his words, but Majo understands and finally takes a chance on trying to be nice.

With Euradu becoming human again, and Kurumu nowhere to be found, he met the shy and adorable Fluff. Fluff had a strange hold over Euradu, that whenever she would do something cute, Euradu would faint. Fluff fell in love with Euradu, and Euradu did as well. The two eventually got married and birthed a son named Enos, who is supposed to be the true savior.

Some time ago Euradu had started a family. The list is subject to change.
Euradu- Father
Fluff- Mother
Yurimu- Daughter (Deceased)
Ruko- Son
Uke- Daughter(Disappeared)
Joules- Daughter
Jill- Daughter
Majo- Aunt(Disappeared)
Yuki- Daughter(Disappeared)
Amaya- Aunt
Jin- Son
Aeliot- Son(Tricked Him razz )
Izumi- Uncle

After certain events the Toraka Family has been reborn.
Euradu- King
Fluff- Queen
Enos- Prince
Jin- Prince and Head
Ruko- Prince/Princess
Jubei- Princess Paladin

The family had grown large, and Euradu needed a place to let them live. He then ran upon Remilia, but not the same one from before. Euradu asked her if she could stay at her mansion with his family. She agreed only if he would help her with the men that had been chasing her. He accepted and the Toraka family has been living in the mansion ever since.

During the time that will be called The Time of Trials. Euradu had been marked by Death and needed to sacrifice his life in order to pay a tribute to him. Amaya was the one to deliver the message and seemed rather pleased with Euradu dying. However seeing everyone else becoming emotional over losing him, she decided to give up her godly hood in place of Euradus life. Since then, Amaya has regained her godhood and has crafted a shrine in the mountains that most of Euradus friends go to worship and hang out. Euradu also asked why Amaya has stayed around him this long and her answer is that he is interesting.

Euradu and his family have been going though some tough times with much conflict and internal struggles taking place. He remains steadfast through it all despite much sadness and grief that is around him. He always looks towards the future and the dream of happiness that can be obtained.

The gods in Euradus left eye have all left him to an unknown place. Everyone has asked where they have gone but even Euradu has no idea where they are. About the time they left, He had started to acquire memories before he was even found in Gaia. He has asked Miyu about where he came from but even she does not know. The first memory is one boy strangling a blonde haired kid with grey eyes and fire all around them. The second memory is a laboratory with a single test tube and scientist studying the test tube. Something is floating in the tube and the markings on the tube read 3U-R4-XX, the last symbols being unable to read. This will be updated as more memories are brought back.

Izanagi returned to Euradu to tell him that he knew about his past and that he could tell him everything. Euradu then stepped through the portal created by Izanagi and floated in a space that could reveal time. This is the account of Euradu before Gaia.

In the time of the gods, there existed light and dark gods. These gods never seemed to have a very good allegiance, but certain rules kept them in check. Then, a god suggested that they should finish these arguments by holding a contest. The contest would to have 50 gods from each side enter into an Ark on Earth and fight amongst each other. This Ark was to be a small child that would house a god or gods during the battle. Each Ark that killed another Ark was to gain that god into there body, showing who the one true Ark was. All the gods agreed and the deal was made, sending 100 Arks to Earth to battle. However, there was two gods that said they should have a 101st Ark that housed a light and dark god. They believed that a true power could be reached if the light and dark gods worked together. These gods were Izanagi and Izanami, both residing in the 101st Ark. The contest was started and all the Arks were sent to Earth. However, the 101st Ark was captured by scientist when landed and experimented on. When the battle of the gods still raged, some gods found where the 101st was being held. They thought that they should not have a peace with the other side, being that they were better than the other gods. When trying to destroy the 101st Ark, it woke up and slaughtered the Arks trying to destroy it. The 101st then went around the world destroying all the Arks that came to fight it, thus gaining the power of those gods. When the last Ark from both sides came to meet the 101st, they begged it to spare there lives, realizing that there is a greater power when light and dark combine. Although the 101st was kind and wanted to spare them, the gods inside it wouldn't allow it, making it kill the last two so they could join him. With the contest settled, the 101st made its way back the the realm of the gods, proclaiming its victory. The gods then all joined the 101st and made it the True Ark. Even though the True Ark was the ultimate being and had all the gods inside of him, it still became very lonely and acquired feelings for the world that it fought on. Knowing that the people of Earth would fear its immense power, it let lose the gods inside of it and asked Izanagi and Izanami to let it live a normal life on Earth. All the gods agreed and the True ark was sent to Earth with no memory of what it was or what it did.

Izanagi ended the tale and told Euradu that his name comes from the tube the scientist kept him in which was labeled 3U-R4-DU. Realizing that he was the True Ark, Euradu sat in silence for a moment. Then he asked what to do now to Izanagi. He told him that the gods in the realm were still waiting on there True Ark to take them back in. Euradu then nodded and shouted out to the gods that he was ready to become the True Ark again. With this said, all the other gods entered his body and became part of the True Ark once more. He told the gods that he would not abuse there power, only that they find peace in his body and ever longing happiness. With Euradu finally knowing what he was, he could return to his family and live his life like he planned on doing when he gave up the gods. To the gods, he was an Ark. To his family, a father. To himself, well....he was Euradu.

Euradu was living a very quiet life, the one that he had been searching for. Him and Fluff had been taking care of Enos and watching him grow. Jin left the family but only because he did not want any complications with being with Ruko. Majo comes around every now and then and Amaya has become Euradu's sister.

The Scarlets Are another story. Euradu was one to not like the Scarlets for a long time because of the way they acted above everyone else, like dogs. This infuriated Euradu and when confronting Emma, Remilias daughter, she said that it was the way they were born. Euradu then admitted that maybe they were better than the rest...better than him. Emma then told him that even though they act this way, they still couldn't be happier that he saved Remilia and Drake. He then decided to get stronger and build himself up to meet there level instead of tearing the Scarlets down.

There was another thing bothering Euradu. He couldn't quiet understand it but he felt a dark presence inside of him, something sinister. In his last few battles with people, it had wanted to come out and destroy the opponent. It wasn't the gods inside of him, it was something else. He wanted to see this presence very soon, to stop it from taking over his body.

The family has diminished to a proper family. The year had destroyed all others who were lying or evil. The new family will start the Second Year of the Toraka.

Euradu- Father
Ruko- Daughter
Cray- Daughter
Ahri- Daughter
Amaya- Sister
Yori- Friend
Miyu- Friend
Majo- Friend
Tygren- Friend