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Where to start...well should I even bother telling you that I'm not a complete weirdo?

I'm currently finishing up a Masters degree in Creative Writing, and looking for a job! It totally sucks when you're applying for jobs and no one will hire you because you're either overqualified (retail) or underqualified (teaching). I'm stuck in this weird cycle where my husband is the only breadwinner, and he's kind enough to pay all of the bills...and I'm rambling.

I've taken a break from RPing right now (except with a very small, slow moving group) but you'll probably see me pop in and out of the forums for mindless chatter. I've also got a Questing thread over in the Charity forums, where I donate to others and some kind people also donate to me.

I don't mind random PMs if you wanna shoot the s**t, and I'm also on Discord! You'll probably find me there a lot easier - EG#7670

Hit me up! Let's chat!