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Pole Dancing

my pole dancing life!

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Hey peoples! thanks for checking out my profile! =D I'm Yuuhi! I am 17 years old and have long brown hair with blue eyes. as for my personality, I'm a very spontanous person XD I am hyper alot and love animals and exercise! (not running though) anyways I'm one of those people that will be obsesed with something for a couple of weeks then lose interest in it and move on to something totaly random! XD like cookies! Pole Dancing and Motorcycles forever though! <3 and if that description wasn't good enough for you stalkers out there, heres some more!

Pole Dancing!
Awsome People
Funny Sayings/Quotes
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Climbing Trees
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Stone Angels
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Wearing Makeup
Vashta Nerada
Over Priced Gas

ok thats it so far for my like/dislike list! I will add more stuff as I go!

Pole Dancing

I love pole dancing! or at least I'm a huge fan of it! and to all of you out there who thinks pole dancing is just about being sluty your wrong there. alot of people of all ages use it for fitness as well. XD anyhow I'm currently looking for a guild or clan about pole dancing! but since so far there dosn't seem to be one.. I'm considering makeing my own! so I'm looking for people who would be interested in joining as well, since a guild is no fun if your the only one in it right? XD Please PM me if your interested or are wanting to make a guild yourself! thanks. Pole Dancing forever. Yuuhi. XD




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DreamLikeNeverBefore Report | 04/16/2009 9:21 am
You left a random quote on my page back in January.
But its been FOREVER since I've been on gaia && I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated that comment!
SilverMoonKitten Report | 02/20/2009 10:33 am
I did and I messed up once but my teach. let me start over so after that it went well...^^ though I forgot like two words between three lines but all and all it went well. And Licorice Whip is def. a name I would lose lol ^^ It's uh, I wouldn't go watch someone dance with that name, I hate licorice, horrible taste lolz. ^^
I forget their names but the one in Tampa or Orlando is where'd I rather go then traveling by car down to Miami or somewhere a bit further because the other girl I'm going with, who has a car, isn't the...she traumatizes people when you ride with her, or rather just me, but she's a good driver lolz We'll most likely switch somewhere down the way since I'm going to have my license by May 5th, which will be awesome. ^^
Nadune Report | 02/19/2009 3:39 am
thank youuuuuu
SilverMoonKitten Report | 02/16/2009 2:39 pm
I didn't do it, I'm going to tomorrow xp
I still haven't learned the last line but I'll get it before then. Good luck with the demonstration ^^ I'm sure you'll be awesome biggrin D
Tell me how it goes. But aside from all that, I'm trying to figure out which anime con. my friend and I are gonna go to at the end of May when we graduate. Preferably in Florida somewhere since we live here lol
SilverMoonKitten Report | 02/12/2009 12:27 pm
No, I didn't know that. ^^ That's pretty awesome. Good, and by now you're prob. over it since it's been a few day since you sent that comment. ^^ Hopefully anywho. So I have to perform a poem in Drama class tomorrow and I really don't want to, I'll most likely do really well on it...I hope, it's one of Shakespeares and I'm dedicating it to this guy I like named Conner, I won't tell him that but I'll be looking at him the entire time. biggrin D So, what's new with you???
Nadune Report | 02/06/2009 5:07 pm
haha well i hope you get better
SilverMoonKitten Report | 02/06/2009 3:55 pm
Thanks, I love Ouran Host Club ^^ Now if they would just dub it, some things are good in Japanese but others, I'd like to experience in English y'know. ^^
I haven't gotten sick at all surprisingly, I mean, sure, Florida isn't suppose to be cold right but it has been freezing. But, I haven't gotten sick, I hope you get better soon though. ^^ I'm watching some of HellsingKitten's videos, I love hers ^^ I'm bored right now, about to eat and hopefully get rid of a headache I've had nearly all day...yepp, that's about it for this Friday.. ^^ Oohh, wait, there's this cool thing they have here in Tally called First Friday, where a whole bunch of artists get together and share work, like a convention but not as cool as an anime one lol ^^ I wanted to go but my mom said no, I'll go in August when I'm 18 and out of the house lol. ^^
Nadune Report | 02/06/2009 1:53 pm
its been ok, how about you?
SilverMoonKitten Report | 02/03/2009 4:21 pm
Hey, I'm promoting some youtubers accounts and was hoping you might visit them and check out their vids, I think they're pretty good, thanks.

Thanks and how are you???
SilverMoonKitten Report | 01/30/2009 6:16 am
I haven't looked just yet, I've been making a new video for my youtube account, ;p I think it's gonna be good, okay, just wondering, I'll have to look this afternoon after school... biggrin