19, brunette. hazel eyes.
artist, cook, full-time student, dork, intellectual unit.
internally complex.
intricate. introvert. extrovert.
perplexing. opinionated.
moody, messy, flawed, imperfect perfectionist.
emotionally fragile. convoluted.
protected, protective.
loved and lost.
soft spoken, outspoken.


More: I like making poems and music. I made a song called Mexican Space Burritos with my friend.
I'm a full time student trying to achieve an associates in IT
I am a chef and server at a top restaurant. I love making art (avatar art too)
I love any mods and tattoos (like yes pls)
I cover my mouth when I eat. I take small bites except when I want to be macho.
Sometimes I walk on my tiptoes when I walk without even noticing it.
I make weird faces when Im bored.
I tug on my ears and play with my hair (like when i watch the telli)
I curl and flip my hair and bite my lip when im nervous.
I like to flip my pillow before i go to bed so i can lay my face on the cool side.
I dont like wearing shoes that show my toes because i think my feet are ugly.
I crack my knuckles to either feel tough or to have something to do.
I like singing when taking a shower.
I like listening to music and pretending im living in that song.
I enjoy the crust on pizza more then the actual pizza.
I like watching cartoons to feel like a kid again.. the time when things were simple and easier.
I like wearing jeans because my legs are so pale and they feel right.
I dont like wear tight shirts but I dont like loose ones either.
I curl my toes sometimes.
I climb tress to feel adventurous.
I like eating peanut butter sandwiches because i like when the bread sticks to the top of my mouth.
I have a lisp and an accent. People say its cute. Thats debatable.
RIp it off like a band-aid; My english isnt so great.
#1 Screw up. But If anything comes across your mind you wanna ask, ask away.


Living and breathing life and attempting to enjoy every second of it.
Life's too short for me to do anything otherwise.
Inhale, exhale. rinse and repeat.

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