Dear People, Aliens, (Or whatever the hell you are) of the Universe!,

Haiiiii there, I am Crissy aka the awesomest person you will ever lay eyes on. Seriously if you look at me too long you eyes, my awesomeness will make your eyes blow up, thus creating some kind of glittery rainbow explosion. In other words, for your own safety...Puh-leeze, put on you protection goggles aka sunglasses before staring me in the eye. Thank you and have a crissylicious day!

Obviously I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but I am fun to be around...and that should be good enough...right? Okay back to me. I bet your thinking...what is so special about this Crissy girl? The answer is simple...DUH EVERYTHING. For pete's sake...I HUGGED A RABI. Is that not the awesomest thing ever. I repeat. I Crissy, HUGGED A RABI. For all you people out there who are laughing at me because I just called myself "special"....YOU ARE SPECIAL TOO YOU, DIP-THONG. Don't be jealous. *wink* By the way, I am one of those epic people on the planet who create words, like awesometacular, hawtmazing shizzlepie...etc. A lot of people that I am really stupid for it and I just do crap like that for attention. But that is totally NOT true. I just like to spread my epicness with the world is that so wrong. Yes. I am talking to you *cough* you stupid *****es in the back of the bus who called me a wannabe. *cough*.

I am one of those people you either love or hate. There is NO in between. You either love me to pieces and my crazy optimistically kicka*** personality OR you you hate my guts and want to throw me down a bottomless well because you are too stuck up to say you were "jelly" of me. By the way that over there is a pic of me. It's a year old but it's still good. Haha, that's right

I';m an Alien. Woop, making a shout out to my gaia peeps Mellie, Kira, Sammy, Erin and Nassie Boy: LITTLE GREEN ALIEN GIRL 4EVER! L.G.A.G LOVES YOU <3. Sorry guys...inside joke. Okay so as you can see I am not the prettiest girl around town and I don't have any "MAN GROUPIES" who stalk me behind dumpsters or anything. (Or do I *le gasp* xD)..

ALSO: I hate and are afraid of CLOWNS (they scare the fudge out of me), Creepers, Horror Movies, Twilight, Gabe O. and the Pretty Boys and last boy not least GIRL SCOUTS. But I love: Unicorns, CUTE GUYS (Blondes perferably), Strawberry Milkshakes, Pointless Questions, Dancing badly in public to embarrass my friends and...SINGING INTO HAIR BRUSHES.

Byeeee for now love,

Crissy/Chris/Nicolette/Hugh Jass/ The dancing pinapple/ Princess Tatertot/Rose/ Abby Normal/ L..G.A.G!

Ps. I have a whole bucket list filled with things I should do before I die. Pm me if you wanna help or know whats on my listie <3


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Hey! So this is probably super weird, but after like 4 years since I've done anything on Gaia, I decided to check up on my old posts/roleplay buddies just for giggles and cringes. Sadly (or perhaps fortunately), almost all of my old guilds are now deleted (oh my gosh, those countless hours slaving over post styles and character creation.) However, you seem to have logged in rather recently. Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Even though it's been seriously years, I still remember you as an incredibly hyper and friendly harry potter fan who had the most adorable face claims and edits. Weird how memory works, huh?
Hope you're doing well!
- Jessica

Report | 06/26/2014 7:49 am


I stopped by to say hey and that I hope you are having a wonderful day, my friend.
If you need someone to talk to who will listen just contact me. I am here to listen and to help in any way I can.
Remember God is with you.

P.S. I love your profile and avatar. They are really cool. (:
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Report | 07/31/2013 9:59 am


we're thinking of getting the guild back together. You in?

Report | 01/05/2013 4:09 pm


I don't know. I don't know what to say when BFFLs ask that question. sweatdrop You decide.

Report | 01/05/2013 3:39 pm


I kinda changed ur avi a little for your avi art... sry sweatdrop

Report | 01/04/2013 9:40 pm


Done with ur avi art! here it is! I'll send a PM later

User Image

Report | 01/04/2013 5:55 pm


we can get more catching up with eachother. well i will only do it f it wont bother you.

Report | 01/04/2013 2:51 pm


well knowing you, u would probably celebrate all three for fun. Can i call ur home phone tonight?

Report | 01/04/2013 9:44 am


Happy (rly rly rly late) birthday! also happy chris-kwan-nukah! happy late new years too!Tried calling u a few times but u werent there... i was also busy(on vacation in a place with like no reception.) i still draw and i will glady draw for u! i didnt get a notice(or i think) so i didnt check me profile for a long time... im fine and i miss u! lets hang out with peyton sometime

Report | 12/22/2012 3:29 pm


Well I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday =D


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