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Report | 10/29/2009 12:51 pm


Thank you.
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Report | 07/04/2009 11:43 pm


Happy 4th of July ^___^
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Report | 07/03/2009 5:38 pm

Shelbeesaurus Rex

First off, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I was in Wyoming and stuff. But I'm back! Yay!

Okay, yeah. Fights and stuff. I'm glad we don't fight about serious stuff. I'm glad you guys don't either. It's so depressing when we do though. Like, she always thinks that I'm going to break up with her, or cheat on her. So, that's not good. She's so insecure. Sometimes we fight about her ex-girlfriend. I really hate her. One night, we were talking about her. And Jerika asked if she could hang out with Kimmie (her ex). And jokingly, I asked: "I don't know, are you going to cheat on me with her?" and she said yes!! I was so mad! Ugh, oh well. Needless to say, I made her stay home. Because I didn't want her hanging out with Kimmie after saying that. You know?
Oh yeah, those bands are sick biggrin Escape The Fate is like alternative/emo/punk stuff. A Day To Remember is more emo-ish. But still good. They're pretty hardcore though. A Rocket To The Moon is kind of like Hellogoodbye. They play a lot of silly love songs. And 3OH!3 is just weird. You cant describe them. They make no sense. So, none of it is rock. You're good. Haha.
I did see that turtle! It's the same kind I have! I love it biggrin
I love snakes though. Jerika said I cant get one either because she doesn't like them. I love them. You cant exclude an animal just because it's not "cuddly".
That Mountain Dew is good. I like the orange-ish one. It's like the old Game Fuel. You know? When Halo 3 came out? It tastes JUST like it. The blue-ish one is okay. I like citrus better than berry. But that night elf is hot. Haha. Yeah, I love horde, but I never play it anymore. And I mean NEVER. Haha. It was fun for a while. Then it got lame. Maybe it's 'cause I have ADD. Haha. I cant concentrate on that game for very long.

In other news! Some person commented me saying "lesbo EWWWWWWW" and it hurt <=[ why are people so mean to me? I'm not hurting anyone by being gay. Why do they have to hurt me? Oh well...

Anyways..here's a link to Situations by Escape The Fate, it's really good:
Situations - Escape The Fate
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Report | 06/24/2009 6:31 am

Lecm Elite

Eruviel estoy preocupado donde estas ?
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Report | 06/12/2009 5:39 pm


dropping by to say "many thanks"
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Report | 06/09/2009 8:48 pm

Shelbeesaurus Rex

I know, right?! That air freshener is going to get it's a** kicked! xD Hahaha. Lulz, speaking of "blowing sunshine up my a**", that reminded me of something quite hilarious. It's gross though, and you'll probably flip if I tell you xP
Yes! Turtles!! Hmmm, I must see this turtle you speak of :3 I love turtles. We wanted to get a python and name him Steven, but my mom wouldn't let me Dx
Good for you xD I'm glad you're happiez. Psh, I'm the only person who leaves you essay long comments, huh? Hahaha. Speaking of "big fat black kitties", Oreo has gotten HUGE!! He's the fattest p***y I've ever seen! Haha, fat p***y.
College is over, huh? That's rad.

Haha, on a completely un-related note, I am currently arguing with Jerika about when she wants me to call her today. Haha, we do this everyday. It's adorable x3
Also, I think I got raped by my ex-girlfriend, Samantha. I spent the night at her house, 'cause we're friends and all. Then I went home the next morning and noticed a WHOLE BUNCH of hickies and stuff all over my chest O_o I was afraid. Haha.
And last night, I went out with my friends Taylor, CJ, Zack, and Britany, and we went speeding down roads listening to heavy metal and headbanging. It was awewsome. I was hoping we'd crash so I could break a bone. Haha. I want to break my wrist or something. Is that bad, to want that?
By the way! You should listen to the band Escape The Fate. They're awesome! And my favorite band! I'll send chu the link to my favorite son called "Situations". Mkay? Also, A Day To Remember and A Rocket To The Moon and 3OH!3 are good bands as well. Haha.
I cant wait to go to Warped Tour '09!!! Escape The Fate will be there!! <3456
OMZG! New Mountain Dew FLAVORZ!!!! Haha, they're World of Warcraft flavored. Just thought you might wanna know that.
Also, I think I'm somewhat of a playah. I have like, 3+ girls that are in love with me! Bluuuugh, I hate it. Hah.

Anyways. Uhm. I dunno. That's all for now.

Shelbeesaurus Rex >:3
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Report | 06/04/2009 12:54 am

Shelbeesaurus Rex

WHAT THE s**t?!
Haha, I'm just ********' with ya!
But seriously...I ******** miss you D:
I was hanging out with my bestest friend Doug the other day, and we were talking about how ten billion people have their own nickname for me, and I was like: "Dude! I miss Shelly!" Dx
So yeah.....we have a lot of catching up to do...again!
I'll just leave you a ridiculously long comment, 'cause I know you'll read it ^-^
Here's what's been new lately:

Okay, last time we caught up, I believe I told you I was dating some hoe bag named Samantha, correct? Or...was it Destree? Ariana? ********! I don't remember. Anyway, all those chickas are HIS-TO-RY! Yeah, I need a stable relationship, y'know? I get tired of this, make-up break-up crap. So, currently I'm dating a girl named Jerika Jones! I ******** love her name! I told her she should have a son and name him Indiana xD anyways! We've been together for the past 2 months. That's like, the longest relationship I've had in 2 years. ******** glade plug-in air freshener lasts longer than any of my relationships have.....-cry-
Also, I took my girlfriend's virginity! Hahaha, I was so proud! Her mother HATES me, with a burning passion. Only because her daughter is a lesbian, and I'm her girlfriend! What a c**t. I'm going to kill her. And her sister, Kira. Her family is horrible. They beat her for being a lesbian! Ugh, I told her she's moving in with me, because I don't want her to be living with people who hurt her >:U that face makes me laugh. Oh, Jerika might be pregnant because one of her friends raped her...I'm gonna kill that *****. And her mom is probably going to admit her in to a mental hospital. Just so she wont be able to talk to me.
Okay, enough about that! In other news, my 17th birthday is next month! Woot! And I'm going to be a senior :3 I'm pretty stoked. I'm going to Wyoming this summer. In about a week actually. Should be funzies. What else is new? I have anxiety. I'm suicidal. I have depression like a mother ********. Hahaha. Oh! I got baby turtles xD their names are Squirtle and Blastoise! Also, if I hadn't already told you, I got baby pussies too. Angie and Gibby. I got a new phone xP it's sexy! Haha. Uhmmmm....Doug bought me a shirt that says: "METAL JUST GOT GAY" in rainbow foil letters! Haha. He buys my so many rainbow things.
Ugh, I disowned my friend Tayler, who I've been in love with for soooo loooong. She hurted me D: oh well. ANYWAYS! I've recently become addicted to the show House! That's Allie's fault. Haha. Allie is my lesbian midget! She's adorable. Hmmm. That might be it.

So, what have you done lately?

LOL (Lots of Love),
Shelly-B <3456
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Report | 06/03/2009 11:46 am


Cool, it's at Holmes Park, just down the street from Mary's house
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Report | 06/02/2009 6:38 pm


Are you home right now? Cuz I can bring you an invite
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Report | 05/26/2009 7:16 pm


Yeah, it's on June 20th from 1-4 PM. I'll send you an invite... I haven't mailed them yet...
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Report | 05/12/2009 11:41 am


Hey it's me amanda i havent talked to you in forever you remember me? amandamonkeymoo@hotmail.com <--- I think i met you on this account but i cant remember
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Report | 05/10/2009 11:27 am


I still live near Mary's.
Don't you remember that I live with both of my parents?
I switch off with which house I'm at half way inbetween the week
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Report | 05/09/2009 5:45 am


My mom agrees too.
It's really annoying that my dad thinks that I will be in the middle of drama or cause it.
I'm glad that you aren't mad at me for venting out on you...
I'm thinking of moving out of my dad's after graduation
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Report | 05/06/2009 7:07 pm


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Report | 05/06/2009 5:00 pm


Morning for school.
It's my senior year for crying out loud!
How often will I be able to see the friends that I would normally hang out in the morning with after I graduate?!
Sorry If it sounds like I'm venting on you...
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Report | 05/06/2009 4:22 pm


I will be happy when that day comes...
My dad doesn't want me leaving the house until after 7:30.
My question is, WHY?!
His answer is, "drama"
I said, "me?! Drama?! ohm, no!"
Do you see what kind of a position i'm in?
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Report | 05/05/2009 9:16 pm


I feel like I'm sinking. But the kicker is I know how to get out yet I feel too tired or uncaring to try. Weird huh
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Report | 05/04/2009 9:47 pm


Well it is like the last run in the race where things are the most hardest ya know. Just hang in there you'll be great during your last week before you go off to your break ^___^
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Report | 05/03/2009 9:02 pm


tired as heck but still surviving, so how has your school life been?
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Report | 05/02/2009 8:47 am

Anri Fay

huh and btw,what is you skype username?
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