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priestess kagome123 Report | 01/21/2012 1:37 pm
priestess kagome123
(I made a fan art picture for you. i hope you enjoy it ^^)
User Image
cIawnie Report | 12/25/2011 3:42 pm
Hi Kouru~
Young Maiden Iris Report | 11/17/2011 4:30 pm
Young Maiden Iris
Kouru..? *notices Kouru has a troubled look on his face* I heard Inuyasha talked to you.. Are you ok?
Young Maiden Iris Report | 11/15/2011 7:56 pm
Young Maiden Iris
*smiles* That is good.. I've brought some cow meat for you Kouru... *gives him a wrapped up sack of cow meat*
Zer0Hearts Report | 11/14/2011 5:52 pm
Hey son. Your mother wanted me to talk to you about coming back to us. She misses you, i miss you kouru... Please come back to her, to us.
Young Maiden Iris Report | 11/11/2011 5:23 am
Young Maiden Iris
Hello again Kouru.. *walks to him again* How have you been? smile
Young Maiden Iris Report | 11/06/2011 3:43 pm
Young Maiden Iris
Ok. Kee-ke-kyo. That is how you would pronounce my name. Shee-kon jewel. smile
Shiko no Tama is a jewel made from demons and a priestess. I was supposed to guard it from demons and keep it pure.
Then, I met the half-demon Inuyasha.
Thanks to falling in love with him, a bad bad Demon named Naraku tricked us, causing my death *isn't going to mention what happened to Inuyasha, but Kagome freed him*
50 years later, your other mother, my reincarnation, had been kidnapped by the demon who made my body.
And you remember the rest, I told you before smile
Young Maiden Iris Report | 11/04/2011 8:54 pm
Young Maiden Iris
Well... <.<;;; How about calling me Lady Kikyo? And.. I'm not exactly a "zombie". I do not eat human heads... Well, I pretty much don't eat.. And I still use my spiritual power, and know what happened between me and Inuyasha.... <.<;;;
But anyway. Shall I tell you a story about Shikon no Tama? smile
Young Maiden Iris Report | 11/04/2011 4:12 am
Young Maiden Iris
-sigh- *is going to keep this simple* Mean demon lady brought my ashes and grave soil to her home. Then, mended my body out of clay. THEN, I was only an empty shell, so demon lady brought kagome and put her in pot of herbs to take her soul into me. I got her soul, but she [surprisingly], took most of her soul back, but I grasped onto the hatefullness from her soul [which kept me alive], and I now use soul collectors to bring me souls of the dead to keep me "alive".... I will allow you to eat a sol collector *smiles warmly, remembering she love kids*
Young Maiden Iris Report | 11/03/2011 7:48 pm
Young Maiden Iris
Alas... You cannot eat that.. *Soul collector puts a soul in Kikyo* -sigh- Much better. I am dead Kouru-kun.. My body is only clay, but a part of "KAGOME'S" soul is within this clay body, so that's why you have us mixed up emotion_facepalm



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