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The Path of the Dark Goddess

Basically going to be a mix of rl and cl. If you think I'm a little crazy, then for the love of Ra dun read it. I'll flame back if anyone even thinks of flaming me!


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You, too.. You're a fan of Lufia. I didn't think I'd meet another one. Erim... Mistress of Death. I didn't think one would have the name of that Sinistral.

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Hello There. Welcome To Children of Darkness! I'm Zebby! Officially the last one standing active in the Goddess Rp. Lol, So is my pathetic title. Considering We have so many new people I figure I should get to know them. You are?
Erim_Sinistral of Death

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Erim_Sinistral of Death

yes... that would be a VERY good thing I think.
Chaotic Valentine Asurai

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Chaotic Valentine Asurai

We need to get you a kick a** profile layout too. >_> <_< Hey btw! ^_^


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