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Robert E Lee was actually a very good man, revered by southerners and respected by northerners. I hope his legacy can be preserved in some way.

Rex Kirkpatrick General Lee was offered Command of the Union Army. He was held in that high regard by President Lincoln. He chose to serve as Commander of the Confederacy, even though he was very conflicted, mainly because his beloved Virgina had chose to break away from the Union. His statue should remain in place.

Danielle Nichols Removing a statue isn’t going to change history or what happened all those years. You want change then be the change, live up to it everyday.

Pam Griffith Why does our American history have to be erased? These statues are part of our history as a honorable and respected symbol to the men and women for their courage and sacrifices that they made for our country.

Wake up America! People today are destroying our country right in front of your eyes. Why should we be forced to give up on our history of our country? Some have lost the family values and our the faith in God.

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