Hello there!
My name is Eridessa
My real name is Sarah
I'm 19 and in college
I'm sometimes shy. I can be a lot fun and nice
if you do the same thing
I registered in Gaiaonline in 2012.
I love Gaiaonline. It's the site that I can interact with random people ^^
Most importantly I can have fun.
I really don't like mean people. I really don't

That's all about me and have a good morning/afternoon/night!

Lovely Stalkers <3

Mah Jam



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Reached 1b in 4/25/14 YAYZ!!
Reached 5b in 5/7/14 AWEZOMESS
Reached 10b in 5/12/14 #OMG
Reached 20b in 6/1/14 SOMEONE EXPLAIN DIS INFLATION...
Sankew for buying in my store ^^ see you again!~ ❤


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Birthday: 12/31

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