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Learn more about me, if ya' want to I guess.

heart hm, well, I'm a girl in my teens who's interested in other girls after a 'lil' bit of getting to know them. I think Touga-chan in My Hero Academia is cute af despite her murderous personality and otherwise straight preferences, and Mirai from Beyond the Boundary is adorable, but I like her in the fact of I want to be her friend, she has pink hair, and is short. I want to be shorter and have pink hair. heart

3nodding I have a lot of siblings, but the 3 I'm closest to are an older brother, older sister, and a younger sister who's older than me in personality. I'm into D&D, though I've only started my first campaign recently, and I want a character change because I came up with a better one burning_eyes crying
I like to draw, listen to music, watch anime, and sing along to the music, do scribbles, and play g a m e s. I tend to have a foul-mouth when I don't feel the need to reign it in. Give me sweets and/or a dog and/or a fluffy/soft blanket or pillow or stuffed animal or something, and most crimes will be forgiven. 3nodding

wahmbulance Phobias: Fear of small children (*****), Unreasonable fear of heights (acrophobia), fear of dead bugs (necro-entomophobia, fear of spiders (Arachnophobia) wahmbulance

heart I love to change my character's outfit, but I got so much stuff for different themes and whatnot, that I can never really decide what to do. If you want me to base a look off color, theme, anime, or whatever, feel free to comment on my profile.

Wish List {If you bought something form here and gave it to me, you're a f*cking saint}


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