Commissions slots and basic info

1 - Open
2 - Open
3 - Open
4 - Open
5 - Open
6 - Open
7 - Open
8 - Open
9 - Open
10 - Open

Large pixel base cost - 100 bil gold / 10,000 plat

Small pixel base cost - 50 bil gold / 5,000 plat

Prices may change due to complex designs,posing and custom facial animations.

Time frame for both - Average of 1 week (if things do change due to irl I will give a notice)
While working on the commission you will receive wips (work in progress) if i'm doing pose work I will wait on approval of the pose before I continue same with clothing.

Payment - I will ask for half of the payment once i'm done with line work (which after payment I will continue the work) and ask for the other half of the payment once the work is done (giving the commissioner a small preview of the full work and handing the full product once the payment is done)