I LIKE a look of agony,
Because I know it ’s true;
Men do not sham convulsion,
Nor simulate a throe.

The eyes glaze once, and that is death.
Impossible to feign
The beads upon the forehead
By homely anguish strung.

look at that, poetry by Emily Dicksinon
doesn't that make me seem so deep


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Report | 03/21/2018 9:34 am


Haven't been active myself as well so I guess I'm making up for lost time? sweatdrop
Speaking about old games: got some catching up to do!!!

Report | 03/21/2018 9:30 am


Ah am very active today! emotion_dealwithit

Report | 03/21/2018 9:10 am


Pretty darn awesome!

Report | 03/21/2018 1:46 am


I ADORE that item!
Have used every pose by now save for the "mask fan: back" poses. Those two are killer to work with stare
i wish pokemon was real

Report | 02/25/2018 11:21 am

i wish pokemon was real

thxx ;o; it is my car OC from the movie cars
and his name is road rage
(actually i made this after i got kinda pissed bc i worked for a while trying to make an avi then as soon as i almost finished gaia came out w/ a body mod that looked similar to it HAHAHA crii)

&&holyshit ur avi is aesthetically pleasing monochrome today gaia_diamond
Sex Act

Report | 02/15/2018 12:54 pm

Sex Act

i think it's a new item??? And I was like '******** that's adorable' and it motivated to actually start selling inventory junk to get it. It's called Cozy Chiropteran or some s**t.
i wish pokemon was real

Report | 02/13/2018 2:29 am

i wish pokemon was real

yayy hope tomorrow's an even better one for you ~~ been getting a little breather from my depression too
like i almost feel normal again && i barely even remember what that's like ;o;
idk what this means, i hope it's not some dumb "eye of the storm" thing
(still having anxiety issues tho but idk that's like an omnipresent feature of my life now lol)
i wish pokemon was real

Report | 02/12/2018 3:10 am

i wish pokemon was real

set myself on fire twice for u ~~
jk tbh this was a placeholder avi while i pawn some s**t so i can buy other s**t xD
how's things for you ?? o:
ur avi's fine af today damnn

Report | 02/05/2018 4:07 pm


I probs did.
can't keep up with your master pieces.....

Report | 02/04/2018 7:22 am


Not as good as you are *staresatcurrentanddrools* but I do my best! 4laugh
You mean the ones from GI? I'm planning on creating one but I'm a bit busy the upcoming six months so.... Cranking out avi's is gonna be slooooooow emotion_zzz