Hi, I'm Epi! Or Lies. Whatever you want to call me.
Formerly x_Tiger_Lyly_x or tigerlyly411.
I'm no longer very active.
Gaia is a thing of the past, an antique to my memories.
We all have to move along some day, right?




Lielie has been hacked on 5.15.10 by Flames!

This girl is a monsta! Naw, I'm kidding. She's the besty anyone could ask for. (I think... o -o) She always hears me out when I start ranting about other people. Whenever I'm bored and need someone to annoy, I know who to go to! Lielie!! Woot woot! I better not see anyone get this girl down, or I'll beat your pixilated self until even your pixilated mom doesn't recognize you! I'm kidding; I don't need to do that, because she's more violent than me. (: Cheers for Lyly!

Lielie has been hacked again on 2.15.11 by Flames!

Two words: betch, please. As short as this girl is, she's pretty mean for her size--but someone has to endure it, right? </3 You know why I hacked her? Cause she made me, or else she would eat my cheese. That's how mean she is. D': Haha, jk. Without her, my days would be pretty boring, so I'm glad she's here to talk to me. Remember to drink lots of milk!

Garlic has been hacked again on 1.1.12 by Ginger!

Once upon a time, very VERY long ago, there lived a chicken name Garlic. She wasn't an ordinary chicken, however. This chicken lays golden cheese. Now, there was a giant, of course, that protects the silly chicken. His name? Ginger. Cause he's red and hairy. They both made a really good team. The chicken would lure these greedy people in and the giant will kill and cook them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...sometimes brunch, but they're on a diet. c:
One day, the chicken stopped laying cheese. She began laying chocolate instead. The giant was outraged because of this and banned the chicken from his villa. The giant felt bad, apologized to the chicken, and they lived happily ever after...eating dead people. The end.

Leepee has been hacked again on 12.29.12 by Dat Guy!

Alright, so this year has been a pretty bitter disaster for both of us, or maybe just me, lol. After this recent conflict, you probably won't want to have anything to do with me, but I have to be alright with that, right? I just don't like how this ended. Me saying I'm done with ya? No siree. Well, I honestly don't have a reason as to why I password raped ya, but guess I wanted you to go for a scavenger hunt and find this whenever you find it. Been about 5 years, man. Don't want it to end with bitter memories, even if you slowly replace me, lol. Drink lots o milk and a Happy New Year to ya.
Cheers to Lyly!