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visual STYLE is { l i f e. }
actual joshua kiryu alert.

mm, i'm in { p a r a d i s e } ...

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yes, that is indeed my face. didn't i warn you?

background image credit :: digitallyimpaired.

----------- ` I N F O R M A T I O N . -----------
Name :: just call me d-d-del!
Status :: wouldn't you like to know.
Gender :: just use "they" or "he" with me.
Birthday :: the second of may; a spring day.
Sign [ Western ] :: taurus anything but that.
Sign [ Eastern ] :: bark bark moesuckras.
Hair Colour :: [dyed] black with a blue tint.
Eye Colour :: green. changes colour.
Height :: as average as average gets.

----------- ` F A V O U R I T E S . -----------
Foods :: don't even ask. holy crap.
Girl's Name :: every name has its merits.
Boy's Name :: again, merits. seriously yo.
Subjects :: languages (+ grammar); history && art.
Animals :: holy heck pandas. and kittens. dang son.

----------- ` A R E | Y O U ? -----------
Understanding? :: i try to create a common ground between all opinions.
Open-minded? :: in terms of beliefs and acceptance, absolutely.
Insecure? :: ... wELP. hahahaha.
Random? :: predictably random.
Hungry? :: ahahahaha; depends.
Smart? :: i would like to think so, yes.
Organized? :: very much so, with certain things.
Healthy? :: well i am not dead yet.
Shy? :: ... naw, just introverted.
Difficult? :: i am a wall of IRIDIUM.
Bored Easily? :: what is attention span?
Obsessed? :: not particularly. i have self-control.
Angry? :: at the world and the ignorance of others.
Happy? :: i have interesting karmic circumstances.
Hyper? :: i usually just feel tired and apathetic.
Trusting? :: of others? that heavily depends.

----------- ` O T H E R | T H I N G S . -----------

» if there is anything else you want to know, pm me. if i get to know you better, i will add you as a friend. i profoundly enjoy anime, visual kei and j-culture as a whole; alongside history, philosophy, art and the internet (笑). as such, i'll be willing to talk about most anything. i enjoy friendly people and would love to get to know you. yes.

» however... this account often dies. ;;; If you really want to get in touch with me and i don't seem to be around, see where else i may be via this page here :: my about.me page.

» if you are a friend from the past, you most likely knew me under the names NarikoKun or [- N a r i i k o -], an old online pseudonym of which i was fond.

» now, this rather-patriotic matthewian canadian now salutes you goodbye. please take care; perhaps i shall see you around.