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envy and the miscriants

artist bio and discology
name: magnolia "envy"
age: 16
species: koala

hair: originally long brown but tends to be two
toned of any color.
current colors would be red with white bangs or
black hair with green streaks

eye color: grey but wears colored contacts to
makethem red

clothing choice:
gothic punk and apocalyptic rock
tends to be on the revealing side mostly on her stomach legs and sometimes chest be it
leather with chains and studded clothing or tattered clothes that are uneven and
mismatched but dont correctly that they seem to work together.

is kind friendly and fun loving but for those who see her on the street and talk to her
she is a rebel hates alot of things and tends to seem to be very bitchy and withdrawn
from society
on stage to her fans she is huge anti governmental rebel that would join a resistance in
a heart beat to take it down.

She is also part of an all girl band called miscriants.. their style is electro-rock/metal
though they do tend to dabble in club rock fusion (live remix of a song while singing
over it with the band vs dj set up ) and industrial metal.

parents: doesnt want to talk about those losers
siblings: none

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