Hi! My name is Umeko!!

I role play and chat. If you want to rp, please ask! Also, these aren't all of my characters. They're just sample profiles.


Name: Umeko Ishida
Age: 14
Parents: Uryu and Mika Ishida
Eyes: Brown with double irises. When excited or happy, they expand to create a ring.
Hair: Black.

BIO: Born a half-demon, Umeko is unable to achieve Fury form and as a result, is rejected by her mother. Mika usually tolerates Umeko, but often asserts her superiority over her. Her father adores her and tries to get Mika to get along with her, but Mika winds up ignoring her.

Umeko is kind, adorable, cheerful and smart, but is also ignorant, flaky and very sensitive. She usually doesn't mind her mother's rejection, but sometimes it bothers her. She enjoys cooking, dancing, drawing and playing with her pet bunny, Gin.
Mika met Trunks in school, becoming fast friends with him.

Her favorite animal is the lamb or ram.
Her prized possession is her lamb pajamas, which she likes to dance in.

Mika Ishida

Age: 29
Parents: Kirameki and Dante
Eyes: Blue, double-iris.
Hair: Black.
Married to: Uryu Ishida
Children: Tsuneo, Umeko.
Fury Form: Medusa.

BIO: Ripped from the womb as a fetus, Mika was recovered by a scientist who tinkered with her personality to make her more "savage". As a result, she enjoys stabbing people with her claws. She's quite short, about 5"1, but extremely intimidating despite her size. She is Aizen's only "friend."

When she was in high school, she met Uryu and developed feelings for him. She was unable to understand these emotions and tried to capture Uryu to keep him as a pet to study. Disgusted by her attempts, Uryu destroyed the leash Mika put him on and left her. Confused even further by his rejection and a bit annoyed, she followed him to his home where she met Ryuken, who immediately kicked her off of his property.

After being told by Aizen that she was in love, Mika went to Uryu's house to confess her feelings. Uryu was unwilling to accept them, and rejected her. Unhappy with his answer, Mika broke into his house and stabbed him, leaving him to bleed to death on the floor.

A few years later, Uryu and Mika married.

Mika dislikes all but a few people. She generally stabs anyone who gets too close. Her hobbies are sewing, stabbing things, sleeping and snuggling Uryu.


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At The End of Fear

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At The End of Fear

Uryu : Why, thank you. -Picks her up, holding in the air.- You have grown further then I could have even hoped for. ^^

I'm doing alright. Life is just...life. < w >;;;
At The End of Fear

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At The End of Fear

Uryu : Hello, Umeko. Did you miss me? ^^ -Small smile-
Hi, Netta! How have you been? 8D
Oh T s u k i

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Oh T s u k i

Thank You For Your Purchase

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You changed your profile name. Wut
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At The End of Fear

For the most part...Honors Biology is really hard. Dx

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smack x 9000 nuh uh!
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At The End of Fear

I actually wouldn't mind using FB at this point. I stopped giving a sh*t about it a while ago.
School is going all right. |D

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*smacks you* you stole my hairstyle x3
Javier Cross

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Javier Cross

Have you ever heard of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, by chance?
At The End of Fear

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At The End of Fear

It does suck. Ugh. We gotta find a way somehow. D':
Though it does make me happy that you seem to be doing well. |D


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