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My name is Melana and I live in Texas. Just a quick FYI, I hate heat, so living here isn't ideal to me. I want to move to, like, Canada or something. Where it's cold. I'm on and off of here very often. If you catch me online, it's like catching an Eevee or something on Pokemon. Oh yeah. I love pokemon biggrin

I'm pretty chill most of the time, though sometimes (most of the time), it's pretty difficult to understand me. I'm a confusing person. I'm a major book worm. I love love love to read. I know, it's weird, but reading helps me escape my life and be trapped in another. I'll read pretty much anything.

As for music, I love it all. Alternative and up-beat songs are my favorites, along with some sappy and easy to sing along songs. Rap is probably my least favorite, though I must admit, it is certainly fun to dance to. When I sing country songs, it sounds like I really do have a southern accent, but I don't. And yes, I sing, but not very well.

One of my favorite pastimes is watching movies. There are few movies I will re-watch because story lines bore me sometimes. I love love love Inception, Hangover, Avatar, the Iron Giant, Tangled, and the Secret of the Moonacre.

I play video games like a mad person. Halo (all of them), Dragon Age, Fable (all of them), Gears of War, Pokemon (favorite!), and sometimes, when I'm in the mood, Dance Central! It's on the 360 Kinect so it actually see's what you're doing, and it's so much fun. But I wouldn't recommend doing 20 sings in a row.

I have quite a few hobbies... So many it's kind of scary. I love biking. I love reading. I love cooking and taking pictures. I'm really in to photography. I am obsessed with psychology. I want to garden and maybe someday, own my own restaurant. I also have a heated passion for swimming. It's just so amazing.

Well, if you want to know more, feel free to PM me or comment. I don't bite... razz

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