Screen name : : Enthralled Doll
      Character name : : Scarlet
      Human age :: 20

      Gender :: Female
      Marital Status :: Single
      Sexual Preference :: Opened minded
      - Height :: 5’5
      Height With Shoes/heels : : 6’2
      Weight : : 225
      Body type : : Hour glass body.
      Hair : : Stops at mid back mix of browns and reds
      Appearance: :
      Lolita Size

      Human Complexion: : Skin a soft pale tone
      Red tones to pink, when her mood changes

      -Mother: Shallow mother married into money, she loves her husband so much that she ignores what goes on behind closed doors with her daughter. Truth was she envy her own child and felt great joy in knowing her husband beated her.
      She enjoys playing in her gardens ; planting and trimming plants and flowers.

      -Father: Drinks a lot of imported Scotch and smokes Cuban Cigars.
      He is very short tempered around Scarlet. A Sadist who is not scared to strike his only child with a hard open hand when doors are closed; he enjoy the thrill of beating her and getting away with it. When in public he press his Cigar to her flesh leaving a mark; a warning sign to Scarlet that if she kept on with her bad behavior he would strike her when they had the changes to be alone. Scarlet feared her father; it seemed that even if she made the smallest flinch when he burn her she would get slap.

      -House Slaves:

      Heritage : : Scarlet family came from old money due to that her parents always put her last; making Scarlet feel jealousy and rage. She always tried her best to be good to pleas her parents but as they became richer she learn that no matter what she did they didn't seemed to care or to notice.
      Her father had a short temper around Scarlet it seemed that no matter what the girl did; her father always found a reason to hit her and call her names. Scarlet started to fear her father and other strong male types.
      Her mother was to clueless to know about the abused that gone on behind closed doors. To scared to seek help Scarlet

      Current profession(s) : : employed
      Previous profession(s) : : Pet /sub

      ~Equipment : :

      ~Traits : :
      [ Powers/abilities/skills ect ]

      ~Personality : :
      -Interests : : Enjoys classical music

      -Disinterests : :
      Being she does not understand, makes her feel worthless and dumb as a little girl.

      -Behavioral tendencies : :

      Scarlet is scared of overly powerful men; worried she would run into someone like her father.
      She tries not to be notice when out in public places. She has developed self esteem problems and low self confidence making her struggles with seeing her self-worth.

      Scarlet enjoys wondering around outside in the forest; feeling close to nature.

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      i hope you ment tits and not ties?

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      yep people love me this way
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      deep damage


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      Sounds interesting

      "Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagh’nagl fhtagn."
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      Vanilla Armadillos

      How are you reina? smile
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      Haha that sounds pretty awesome!
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      Haha that sounds really cute
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      Interesting ~ and yours?
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      "Just... not having a good day, dove." He said as he pulled her back to him
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      "Well that sounds like a pain to do..." He said still watching her as she snuggled into him


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