The Artist Handbook

1 ★ Do not mess with the mule. Leave her password, email address, avatar, inventory and gold alone. You should only need to access the mule when you want to edit your artist information, manage your slots, or add affiliates.

2 ★ Do not mess with anything in the thread that doesn't apply to you (with exception of adding affiliates every now and then).

3 ★ The shop has a consistent theme to keep it looking mainstream and clean. Please stick to the preset format that has been designed for the artists' posts.

4 ★ You are absolutely required to be an active poster in the shop. This means you must come in at least twice a week and converse with the shop-goers. Bumping and posting one-liners before running off does not count as conversing. Artists who fail to be active in the shop will be given a warning, and if their activity level doesn’t improve, they will be booted from the team.

5 ★ Keep your slots in the Artist Slots post updated, and get your commissions done in a timely manner.

6 ★ You are not allowed to post RL commission info/prices anywhere on Gaia. In addition, you are not allowed to be a “RL Only” artist. This is against Gaia’s ToS.

7 ★ If you're not going to be able to get online for a while, please let pianochord know about it so she don't think you got hit by a car or randomly quit Gaia! This applies if you’re going out of town, moving, etc. If something major comes up and you need to take a hiatus, you will be allowed to keep your spot in the shop as long as you return to being an active poster in the thread within three months.

8 ★ If you ever feel that you must leave the shop, please inform pianochord about it. If you give her a heads up that you need to leave, you'll likely be welcome to rejoin if you ever want to.

9 ★ If there's ever any drama in the thread, either try to solve the problem peacefully or wait for pianochord to come back around to do damage control. In a less serious situation where some random troll comes into the shop and starts making offensive comments, get on the mule's account and block the user. If you personally have to rip someone a new a*****e, keep it in private messages.