All about Me
Me in two simple words. Tetris, oh pity that's just one.
My hobbies include, tetris , spending money, being an idiot, and making promises I don't keep.

I adore Jun-ki Lee in a not-so-homosexual way.

I'm rather uninterested in romance and such, what would I know about any of that anyway. :/

Since nobody really wants to read what I write I may as well just put it in list format.

-Lint Rollars
-Coats with a lot of buttons
-The Brits

-Over-rated things

And Im stuck on this Nintendo Wii Browser until I do 70 hours of community service... >.>


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Awesomeness : D


Awesomeness what else?



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The friends list lies. You can NOT be on.

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Tante Maria Senpai

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Oh, and I think she's picking both of us up.

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I guess winona then. :O Anyways, can you go on flyff now? I bribed my sis. D;

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njdrtjdr;mjr Who's picking me up tomorrow, if you're even on?

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njdrtjdr;mjr Who's picking me up tomorrow, if you're even on?

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It's k, I'm staying on for a while anyways.
The Neighborhood CatThief

Report | 11/09/2009 9:22 pm

The Neighborhood CatThief

You know..
that makes me worried for him :/

Exactly like plastic! It was.. pink hamburgers and purple

That kind.

Oh O:

They are..
like babies,
but wrinkly!
I imagine they would be like.. all the hair that collects in a


Oh. They were yummy - with those rice bead things
in them, like in a crunch bar!

they look fine x) !
It would be fun to see your strut. Or swagger. Like those other

models were doing...

They are! I only saw a variety of peacoats..
And lots of t-shirt like things!
I'm supper excited for H&M ! I just hope they don't back out :d
& really? I didn't know H&M was that expensive... except JIMMY CHOO x H&M !

Well, my science teacher told me that Chemistry AP is alright,
so is AP World history! I believe..

Hmm.. I meant that sometimes I'd know it was the right answer,
but let the other person have there way to make them feel better..
Oh! Your case would be like... if I got really mad &
bossy-pants-like & made you & everyone else use my answers because THEY WERE STUPID. O:

Something like that ?
(excuse me, I've been feeling like using CAPS lock today ! )

I think I am! I'm short, aren't I (: ? I haven't checked in a while though..
I think my father's only 5'4" . -_-

Hmm.. 4 inches it is! If I can convince my mother..
I think they have 12 inch heels out ther now O: !

Aw. Could you smell the pizza coming in from our portable (: ?
I'm sure Ms. Holst loves you all..
in making sure you don't get fat!
(Losing the candy weight (: ? )

It would be extremely convenient! There aren't even any gas station around...

Forrest Gump loved Dr.Pepper?
I ate... tempura & taro & yams!

They don't think you can understand Korean O: ?

Mmm.. I cyberstalk by looking at their blogs and links & connecting all the loose pieces of converstaions,
to find facts!
It maks me feel like a detective.

Oh! I saw that... in front of Forever 21? I've seen their shoes,
they are rather pretty.

That sounds fun,
getting together with friends (: !

it's an addicting book, hmm?

Let's see.. today was fun again, I suppose. During break I
went to the practice rooms with Anh & Vivian,
and we sang a bit.
But I have so much to do! I have costumes and I still need to find my three outfits for the fashion show...

How was your day today (: ?


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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hiDwDWQwlM Happy viewing.

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IGN is Devovere