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1. Soooo, what's the basic controls?
Well, you move around with the arrows [Up, Down, Left, Right] and attack with CTRL. The number pad's for emoticons. F1-F8 are for spells [I will get back to this!] F11 is to sit, and F12 is to refresh your screen.

2. What about the mouse? Can I still use that?
Of course! You can move around with it too, just click wherever you want your character to go. You can pick up items off the ground by double clicking them, and equip them by viewing your inventory [see one of the nice screenshots there!] and, again, double clicking it.

About Endless-Online

Join endless-online!
A fun 2-D MMO in search of epic players like me! I mean... like you? I don't even remember my script... sweatdrop
Anyway, we're only just starting to re-gather our numbers, so please help us out! 3nodding The link to our site is under my lovely armor, and you can easily find the download and setup from there.

First off, it costs $10,000 a month! No wait, that's not it... A million! No...
Okay okay I got it, it costs zilch, nada, zip, nothin. smile

We go by a simple gameplay here in EO: [which I shall call it from now on.]
HP, MP, Stamina, Classes, Quests, Guilds, Weapons, Spells, Clothes, Killing Monsters... not so bad, right?
[BTW, my favorite weapon is the Fan, it makes me feel like a pretty princess.] emotion_kirakira
Wait what...?

Uh, like I was saying, you can customize your character a bit too. [hair style, hair color, skin color]
I know this guy that's an orc. Blehh.
Don't tell him I said that. Please.

Once you make yourself, you're transported to newb island [hah, newbs!]
ninja I mean, it's merely a sectioned off part of the map only available to beginners of EO. You may have some people of higher levels, however [for example, moi!] helping out by whatever means 3nodding like giving out some weapons/clothes, helping you make stuff, and generally pointing you in the right direction.

At level 4, you can travel by boat to the mainland whee where your new beginning awaits!


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Thanks for viewing!


Title screen! Beautiful artwork, I must say.

The town square, or marketplace in my opinion.

Note: NUDISTS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE! Please don't copy some of these guys! I give out tickets for that! [Lol]

Wow... that's a lot of people in one little part of a cave...

Yes, you can get married to someone in EO! Awwwwww!

Credit goes to the guy in the Wizard Hat!

One of the friendliest people in EO, showing some pixelated love!

Here's some screenshots!