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Good day kind traveler. I'm your average tall thin nerd who is as pale as can be. I love gears, old movies and T.V. shows, anime, games of all kinds, prop making, and horror (not gore). But don't just listen to me, here are some testimonials from some of my friends!

If you wish to know more about me don't be afraid to ask.
(And if you found me by an interest send me a PM telling me what it was.)

"The man is damn sexy. He's smart and by that I mean he's got a good head on his shoulders. And I would kiss that head." - Murasaki07

"He's kinda quiet at first but he's a great guy. He loves zombies/hasmat suits, horror games like silent hill, Robots and making props for costumes." - Arcane Secret

"The sweetest guy in the world redface " - xKirst

Top Anime:
- .hack//Sign
- Darker than black
- Sengoku Basara
- C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control
- Full Metal Alchemis Brotherhood
- Ghost in the shell
- Outlaw Star

Top Games:
- StarCraft (all)
- Bastion
- .Hack (first 4)
- BioShock (all)
- Ico & Shadow of the Collosus
- Silent Hill (all)
- Phantom Crash
- Resident Evil 4

-"Ghetto" kids
-Drinking/ Drug use
-talking during things that should be silent


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xKirst Report | 06/02/2012 5:21 am
I miss you.
arcane secret Report | 10/03/2011 7:08 pm
sweet avi.
Pengaana Report | 08/24/2011 2:37 pm
I can't think of anything for you to say gonk
You could always request something
xKirst Report | 07/17/2011 11:22 am
I need you sad

Murasaki07 Report | 06/30/2011 3:06 pm
Dude I dont even want the money I would do it purely for the sweet monster battling. lol
Murasaki07 Report | 06/15/2011 11:13 am
You should in fact learn and then frequently perform the Kansas City Shuffle.
xKirst Report | 06/10/2011 6:22 pm
I barely passed the one I really needed - by 2 marks.
But thanks for having faith in me (:

arcane secret Report | 05/13/2011 5:38 pm
lol no problem^^
Jamoka Report | 05/05/2011 9:01 pm
Give me back my gold!! scream
xKirst Report | 04/09/2011 11:36 am


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