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You know what... for once I will tell you a bit about me. Or actually I'll tell you a lot about myself.

I know two different languages, one more than the other. I am still in the process of mastering the other one. However bits and pieces of various other languages, over time, managed to permanately squeeze their way into my vocabulary.
I hate age and aging. I don't like the thought of growing old what so ever. I don't act my age, no I act according to my mood. I'm not going to stop acting has I please until. In less than a moment I can switch from acting my own age to a younger or older one.
I would be considered a male.
Chances are I'm older than you.
Family wise, were spread out across the world, My mother's side of the family has relations scattered throughout Asia, while my Father's stems to Europe. Because of this strange mix, I have a lot of family that I look nothing alike.
In truth I hate reality and I'm more likely to create an imaginary realm just to ignore things that I find boring or what upsets me.
I have certain kinks, and ideals that I generally follow to a 'T.'
I am loyal to all those above me, I can hate their guts all the way down to hell, however I greatly dislike it when someone is treaty poorly based of their standing. Just like back in school, remember when you used to talk back to your teachers? Even if they were an a**, you should have shut the hell up. They probably get the same sort of s**t from maybe ten other kids already in just one day, they don't need it from you.
I also greatly dislike it when orders aren't followed. Being told to do one thing and not even attempting it bugs the crap out of me. If your parents tell you to do something, and I know how it feels, but if you really don't want to, suck it up and do it. If you don't well that's your problem but wait until you have your own kids, because... "Like parent, like child."
Let me see. I also have the temper, that's activation switch is probably less than an inch long. However I don't get mad over just anything, I don't have has many buttons has you think. I can stand getting called names, getting stood up, and being rejected by humans (Though I must admit, if I try to open a locked door, or buy from a vending machine and it doesn't give me my goods, I feel sad). What irritates me is, what I had typed above along with; people starting a conversation with me before introducing themselves, talking to me about their problems, interrupting people when they talk (there is a difference between a moment of excitement and interrupting) I also dislike when people are being rude for no reason. And what irritates me most in this world is when people decide to critic, or let their opinion be known, when no one asked for it. Because quite frankly if I don't ask for you comments, then I don't want to hear them. Aside from that I'm actually a pretty charismatic person. I know how to get attention when I want it and avoid it when I don't. I can talk to people, though I carefully select the ones I converse with. If you actually get to know me, beneath my innocent and proper attitude I have around those whom are my bosses or peers, you'd learn following; I have a very flamboyant personality, I tend to be pretty fruity, I know how to spout out incredibly cheesy lines or jokes at the perfect time to make every one laugh, I'm an incredible flirt, I know just what to say and how to say things at the right time to make someone melt like putty in my hands, I'm incredibly cynical, I have a hard time expressing my true feelings, if I'm flustered it's likely I'll tell you to die in a hole, or state my hate for you, though in reality it just means that I just can't find the right words. I believe in love, and I look forwards to it, but it's something I'm willing to wait for. I want there to be only one person that I can actually mean it when I say that "Now, and in all my past lives, my existence is solely to stand by yours." Mushy enough for you yet? Well here let me destroy that image for you, all the people in the past that I've ever had 'feelings' for I can now at this point safely state that..."I was bored." Oh and I find a hobby in trying to argue about random topics.

Did I mention...? I love lying. I will lie through my teeth at any given moment if I think I'll get away with it. I know this goes against a few of my own ideals, I find it thrilling when ever I get away with a lie. If I get caught then I'll just look for a new way to improve it. The funny thing is I rarely get caught, and even if I make up the most impossible lie, people still believe me. I guess I could say it's an obsession I've created for myself. I don't know whether I lie more or speak the truth more now. But I have a feeling that the person who is meant for me, will never believe a single one of my lies, meaning, that person will easily break the facade that I've made for myself. That is a moment that I greatly look forwards to. Or maybe I just need to visit someone like the people from "Lie to me" or "The Mentalist"


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Report | 08/10/2012 2:54 pm


xD nice. you should add me d: lol would be much easier talking on chat than over comments lol

Report | 08/10/2012 2:50 pm


Elastic Bacon lol and nevermind, she can still rp xD

Report | 08/10/2012 2:11 pm


A different one I suppose -sigh- Kegon can't rp right now -.- her friends are coming over (I don't get to because her parents hate me...)

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-shrug- I suppose

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yeah lol ugghhh I wanna RP soo baddd

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-shrug- Kegon had to message everyone the day I got out of band camp (which was a week) because I had posted last, and I hadn't been on all week

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lol yeahh. O_O our anniversary is six days from now!! lol And he's pretty sure he has off work that day and I'm happy!! lol Kegon (Elastic Bacon) needs to get her butt on here so we can RP )<

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lol yeah. I won't hate you until you give me reason to xD and honestly the only person I truly hate, is the b***h/whore that tried to steal my boyfriend (who is still mine btw lol)

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xD I don't hate you but my character wants to kill yours xDD lol

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I feel extremely powerful if that's my effect on people.


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