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ll Master Stoner ll Report | 06/13/2013 10:47 pm
Sure. I'm practically on all the time. Heh. Bad habit of mine anyhow. But yeah, and hey, let me know what needs to be done and I can do it.
ll Master Stoner ll Report | 06/12/2013 9:23 pm
Oh, yeah. Well, I posted it up right before Nico's and it suddenly disappeared. That was yesterday though, so as you can tell, I posted it up again today. I just thought it was weird that it did that.
ll Master Stoner ll Report | 06/12/2013 8:42 pm
Hmm? You mean with the new site, right?
Cascalence Report | 05/10/2013 7:41 pm
Oh, my, where do I begin? I got a job two weeks ago, but...it looks like I'm going to have to give it up. It's a dreadfully long story, but basically, I have to quit, wait thirty days, reapply, and get rehired. ...Yeah. It's a big long story as to why.
Sinful Fool Report | 04/10/2013 6:56 pm
Cool. And if you need any help just ask away. ^.^
Sinful Fool Report | 04/10/2013 12:52 am
Where do I sign up. ;p Hahaha <3
Sinful Fool Report | 04/09/2013 9:15 pm
Mmm, I need a good RP. Been like 3 or 4 months since I actually RPed in a fourm, so out of it right now. I bet I'm rusty. Not to mention I am craving a Harry potter one, which I used to dislike, but Now I want one badly. Damn sister and friend for letting me watch the movies again. >.<
Sinful Fool Report | 04/04/2013 5:08 pm
Everything is okay for now. Things have calmed down, but Im still to lazy to get on my comp. haha
Sinful Fool Report | 04/01/2013 3:41 pm
Its alright. I was just scared but now its alright. Oh my grandma passed away in feb, and we have been taking care of everything so if it says I am online Im actually on my phone. Just havent felt like getting on the computer yet.
Sinful Fool Report | 03/31/2013 10:06 am
Oh my. Im sorry to hear that. I missed RPing with you. And when you disappeared I thought something bad had happened to you. I was worried. I am glad you are safe and back though.


Allow me to fully introduce myself as writer and critic EnchantedLuck. On Fanfiction; I now go by CauseYouHateMe and on livejournal.com I am Lneko. I must announce that my friends and I created a livejournal website: Smartasstastic: Random Musings of Intellegent Teenagers, and would like you to join us on our adventure.

Please enjoy your fun here at Gaia!

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Waiting Mistress
Kandi Kitten
Audrey's White Long Gloves
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White Delight
Dainty Damsel
Dainty Damsel
Astra-41: Tyrian Purple Wings

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Lunar Countess
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Viva La Mode
Black Swan
Viva La Mode
Sainte Ciel: Storge

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