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Gender: Female

Location: Chilliwack; B.C.; Canada

Birthday: 03/24/1984

Occupation: Soon To Be A Stay-At-Home-Mom

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Hi! My name is Enamaris! 4laugh

I'm 27, Female and Canadian. I'm an artist, a red-head and proud to be Pagan. I live with my kitty-cat and my wonderful bf, Jon. In Oct/Nov we'll be joined by our baby! I found this place through Facebook.

I'm a very friendly person who loves to meet new people and hear all about their life and anything else they want to chat about. I'm a bit of a motor mouth, but I listen really well too! I love having lots to do, the colour pink and anything cute! I want to own my own Magick Shop/School one day.

I'm bubbly, funny, chatty and a bit of a dork. People like me because they say I make everyone feel comfortable and happy. It's impossible to be in a bad mood around me!

To get to know me better I've made a list of my favourite things...

Making Dreamcatchers; Reading Tarot Cards; Reading; Drawing; Sculpting; Playing With Animals; Writing; Music; Hiking; Clothes; Shopping; Playing Sudoku; Friends; Quilting; Camping.

Favourite Movies/Animes:
The Departed; the Boondock Saints; Earth Girls Are Easy; Super Troopers; V for Vendetta; Star Wars; Sweeney Todd; Labyrinth; Pirates of the Caribbean; Lion King; Beauty and the Beast; Phantom of the Opera; Zoolander; Donnie Darko; Edward Scissorhands; Astro-Boy; Elfen Lied; Akikan!; Azumanga Daioh; Minami-ke.
Any movie with Tom Hanks or Will Ferrel in it!

Favourite TV Shows:
Big Brother; The Walking Dead; Beauty and the Geek; Lost.

Favourite Books/Mangas:
Sailor Moon; Ranma 1/2; Fruits Basket; Calvin And Hobbes; the Candide; Pride And Prejudice; Judas Child; Little Women; Anne of Green Gables; Heidi.
Any book by Stephen King; Thomas Harris or Tolkien

Favourite Singers/Bands:
David Bowie; X-Japan; Bon Jovi; Rammstein; Joan Jett; Blake Lewis; Ayumi Hamasaki; Johnny Cash; Faye Wong; Nena; Kim Min Jong; Michael Jackson; f4; Julie Brown; the Monkees; Enya.

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Just a basic journal, filled with all the funny thoughts that come to my mind.



I love puzzles!