Well, you want to know about me?

My name is Emily Anne, but most just call me Emmy. I'm seventeen, my birthday is on December 3rd. I'm a senior at a HS that I spend waaaay too much time in.

I've got a thing for music. I like any type of music. Just give me a good beat to groove to and I'll like it. biggrin But really, I do have a thing for music. I'm in the school's band. I've done just about everything the music department can offer. I was in the school's Color Guard for five seasons, the marching band, and am now in the school's percussion ensemble. I play marimba :] And loving it. I'm in the school's concert band and wind ensemble. I play flute and piccolo. And the jazz band? I'm their not-so-jazzy-more-classical piano player. And I'm also in my school's vocal groups. I'm in the choir. Did I mention I made my region's orchestra and wind ensemble on piccolo? Yea. I'm a dork. Like I said, I've got a thing for music. :] I don't think it's a crime.

Aside from my music, which takes up a lot of my life, I spend most of my time around the hosue practicing or just online. I like Gaia. I've been on here since like '04. Actually, I was here in '03 on a different account. I lurk the majority of the time. I like to shop and spend a lot of my gold. Maybe that's why I rarely finish my quests... ;;._.