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Read Me, thank.

DeathsShadowWolf, XxSaccharine_SensationxX, XxVerbose_TaciturnityxX & Midlane Ahri

I dislike things. Lotsa things.

Hey it's me, ya boi, the part-time AFK for towns 1 and VH o/

Name: Scarlet/Coco
Main champ: Vel'Koz
Discord: Ask.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Haha, who knows?
Relationship Status: Single and ready to savage anyone who tries to slide into my DMs

Art for Me:

Probs some edgy song tbh

Left Chopstick
Azrael kione
Erotic Enigma


Always questing free art cus free art is NOICE

benefactor items (whoever you are, seriously, thank you)