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Read Me. Please.

DeathsShadowWolf, Scarletthedarkwolf, XxSaccharine_SensationxX, XxVerbose_TaciturnityxX and Midlane Ahri

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I dislike things. Lotsa things.

I can no longer AFK in towns 1 so I spend my time on CB instead

A poem by neotepid
'Oh, silly little boy,
You think that I care?
You’re just some little toy
The empty box lies there.

Oh, silly little boy,
You dare question me
Now don’t go acting coy
With such verbose taciturnity.

You know what you have done
That is exactly why we’re here
Thought you'd get a bit of fun
Yet now you’re all full of fear.

Now shed those inhibitions
And allow me to creep in
Such saccharine sensations
As I rend away your skin.

Let death’s shadow overtake you
As I wolf all that is scarlet
What did you think that I would do
Once I found my target?'

Name: Scarlet/Coco
Main champ: Vel'Koz
Discord: Ask.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Haha, who knows?
Relationship Status: Single and ready to savage anyone who tries to slide into my DMs

Art for Me:

Honey, wake up

Left Chopstick
Azrael kione
Erotic Enigma


Always questing free art cus free art is NOICE

benefactor items (whoever you are, seriously, thank you)