Far away, in a land under the stars, a land of myths, dreams, and legends, there lived a benevolent empress, named Luciana. Her whole life she had lived in the palace of Notte. Her whole life she had lived in peace. However after her mother’s death, the neighboring kingdom of Giorno became increasingly hostile. While the empress was young, she was also wise, and for a time, thanks to her wisdom and her dark knight’s strength, they kept the enemy at bay. However, their forces were diminishing and they could only fight for so long. So one night, after the Giorno forces massacred a small neighboring village, leaving only a young boy alive, the dark knight spoke up. “Empress Luciana, it is no longer safe for you here”, He said. “I know,” She declared, “You and I will take the boy and hide in the far away land of Gaia. There we will gain weapons and allies and come back to save our kingdom.”

My favorite Avi's I've made:

Angelic Empress
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Snow Empress
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OMG Huntress
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