=o its me being retarted


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hey wats up people reading my profile thingy!?!!? my names machaela but its kayla for short.... i LOVE to draw just about anything, manga is pretty cool.... if im not drawing or hanging with my friends im usually listening to music, i can be talkative at times or extremely hyper, but most of the time im quiet and it takes alot to make me laugh....i like making new friends and i dont really judge ppl, so it doesnt matter who u r, ill be ur friend...

hehe i lied there are alot of things i dont like and if ur a hater then forget about being my friend.... another thing i dont get is why all of the girls are going crazy for this new singer named justin beiber, i mean really hes not that cute and his voice makes him sound like a chipmunk.... also i dont get why people are so into twilight, i mean really Ooooo glittery vampires, they arent even vampires... id call them idiots in trees. id love to see blade pop out of the middle of no where in the movie twilight and just kill that edward dude.

ok lets get something straight though... im not really emo but most of my friends call me that.... i hate being labeled, and i dont hav anything against emos either

just because i hav snakebites and pinkish red hair doesnt mean that im a punk/emo/or w/e name u wanna give it =]

Poem by Jack... i really like this one... and yes her names jack so deal with it

who is this girl?
staring at me with haunted eyes
i look hard at her
trying to find something i recognize
but all i see is sadness
the frown that sits heavily on her lips
pulling her face into darkness
the dark eye shadown and mascarra
that makes her whole face look gray
i dont recognize this girl
with the dangling skull earings
and the black t-shirt
with the bleach stains on it
the hands that shake
as she brushes through lifeless hair
i dont know this girl
staring back at me from the other side of the mirror

things i like

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Succulent Siren Report | 08/01/2010 11:57 am
Succulent Siren
gotta read that...gotta watch that...
gotta wear that...gotta spoof
that that that that that
(new new moooon)
gotta read that (new new moooon)
gotta watch that (new new moooon)
gotta wear that (new new moooon)
gotta spoof that (new new moooon)
now (new new moooon)
now (new new moooon)
(new new moooon)
yo, i got that book wit' Bella's plot
that teenage angsty overload
i got them Twilight clothes
that vampire glow
i hate to admit
i like that quasi-emo hit
i got that (new new moooon)
gonna watch that (new new moooon)
-i like that pretty boy Ed-
-ya i romance the undead-
-he went all ditch=ditch on me-
-now im confused in the head-
-im just so tortured and miffed-
-think ill go jump off a cliff-
-das in that new new moon-
-that Twilight new new moooon-
-let me see it now- (new new moooon)
gotta watch that (new new moooon)
gotta wear that (new new moooon)
gotta spoof that (new new moooon)
now (new new moooon)
now (new new moooon)
(new new moooon..new new moooon)
*im that vampire that got away*
*y'all hear that girl's heart BrEaK*
*ill make a stop in Italy*
*try to self immolate*
*volturi turn me away*
*ill step outside in the day*
*im like a lovesick bat*
*so you can suck on that*
~im a beast when i transform~
~to protect humans i am sworn~
~faster, bigger, hotter, stronger~
~savin' Bella from the water, cuz~
~she jumped and nearly drooowned~
~she's up on the reboound~
~she needs a man to hook up wit'~
~since Edward's out of ToOwN~
>awsome music<
i transform like them beasts...
i transform like them beasts...
yep yep yep yep hu hu
here we go, i dunno
Twilight high, Eclipse low
breakin that Dawn with the (NEW MOON)
spoofs so hot that i annoy fanboys
riffin on Twilight and (BOOM BOOM)
vampires and chicks full of (GLOOM GLOOM)
puttin' this stuff up on ... >Youtube<
the fans be watchin', watchin'
we be like new moon ;P
Succulent Siren Report | 08/01/2010 10:41 am
Succulent Siren
im through with linin' in trailers with my pushy mom
im only nine and she makes me put make-up on
so ill grant her her wish and i wont stop till im on TV
-so tell me wat u want-
i want a brand new nose and a cleft in my chin
and some breast implants ill deny i put it
and a tea-cup poodle that im always carryin' with me
-ya, so watcha need-
i need a, good producer cuz u no i cant sing
and a lawyer who can get me out of anything
gonna date Justin Timberlake to gain some cradibility
-well who hasnt done that-
i want my own perfume and a clothing line
its all made in sweatshops but thats just fine
ill giv the child laborers a signed copy of my CD
-so how u gonna do it-
im gonna reestablish the mouseketeers
start my new life a wearin' those Mickey ears
cuz we all just a wanna be big pop stars
start out innocent to get my fan base large
my listeners will be people in their tweens
and old perverts who cant wait till i turn 18
and my first hit will be a Disney song
but my good girl image wont last too long
my first album just had some innuendo
but by my third album ill act like a full blown ho
oh a wella...hey, hey, i wanna be a pop star
hey, hey, i wanna be a pop star!
Succulent Siren Report | 07/30/2010 2:18 pm
Succulent Siren
some of ur pics r not showing ;o ...... or its just the computer im on cuz im not on my laptop atm
Shadow Ravers Report | 07/28/2010 7:29 pm
Shadow Ravers
Y would i gonk
Shadow Ravers Report | 07/26/2010 4:23 pm
Shadow Ravers
i like ur profile
Succulent Siren Report | 07/16/2010 1:44 pm
Succulent Siren
witch one is ur fav ;o
Succulent Siren Report | 07/16/2010 1:13 pm
Succulent Siren
hey i got those two wolf creations i made on my profile and i made a third one ;D
look at them and tell me wat u think
Succulent Siren Report | 07/13/2010 2:08 pm
Succulent Siren
yay x3
Succulent Siren Report | 07/13/2010 1:53 pm
Succulent Siren
u like my avi ;3
Succulent Siren Report | 07/09/2010 7:39 pm
Succulent Siren
lmao ive ben a bunny be for ;o i put that vid on my profile XD
and u should lison to my songs ;3
Shadow Ravers

life is just a phase your going through... you'll get over it ^.^

Emo doesn't mean u cut. Emo doesn't mean ur gay. Emo doesn't mean ur suicidal. Emo is real. Emo is people. Emo is everything. Emo is a label. Emo is being free. Free to be you. Free to express. Free to tell everyone to f*** off!! Emo is just a word .-EMOS- *Are not cry babies *Do not always wear black *Can be very nice people *Don't always cut themselves *Are not always depressed *Can be happy too *Are normal people just like you (Put this on your profile if you agree with this.) PUT THIS ON UR PAGE IF YOU ARE OR SUPORT EMOS!!!!♥♥♥