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每个你 // Inner Circle // DPR trash

I'm Daniel from the lovely city of LA. I can speak Vietnamese, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese, but I can't talk to people like at all. I can be a total d**k so please don't try talking to me.
All of you give me anxiety. Actual emotional piece of s**t.
Niel, short for Daniel pronounced as Neil.


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Haji Demon

Report | 03/21/2018 3:52 am

Haji Demon

Works for me!

Pokemon creators have been watching too much Digimon or something

Leonardo da vinci was famous for not completing his works, but he was good enough to make Mona Lisa so well known even if its never finished just cause he said so

...spider silk parachutes?? Damn..this keeps getting worse..am not going out on windy days anymore

Mostly cause its about the same legendaries and stuff? idk..They could've made it so much cooler than, hell just start naming them after regions
Haji Demon

Report | 03/20/2018 2:46 pm

Haji Demon

That only means that you are real!

idk..If I were to create a robot, I would make it work hard so that I wont have to, maybe there is a god above Arceus who made him create everything, cause honestly Arceus doesnt look like hard work went into his design

Go leonardo on it after you have made a reputation

wait..spiders float?? Like in air?

I havent even gotten to regular sun and moon and there is ultra now? Though I wonder whats next for poke world..maybe a reboot

Platinum Crystalline

Report | 03/19/2018 9:12 pm

Platinum Crystalline

thank u how was ur day anything new
Haji Demon

Report | 03/18/2018 8:59 pm

Haji Demon

Yup..if I were imagining you you would've been a dragon or dinosaur

Chaotic one? or maybe a lazy one

razz I meant chapters in term of finished book, not on what you currently have

They usually dont, but when they do, it justs gets freaky! I would rather have flying spiders

Havent played it yet sweatdrop
Haji Demon

Report | 03/17/2018 6:55 pm

Haji Demon

Yup...and I dont imagine people so thats not possible

Have it make you your own Arceus to make you pokemons and all

I've written essays longer than that ~_~

Agree through and through! and as if thats not bad enough, they can fly...they crawl in gutters, why do they need to learn how to fly?

O_o? Its good hair, but is it a reference to something? What family?
Platinum Crystalline

Report | 03/17/2018 5:22 pm

Platinum Crystalline

Haji Demon

Report | 03/17/2018 6:13 am

Haji Demon

There cant be less of you, I dont imagine people

Arceus can create the whole universe

How many pages?

I would argue about some bugs, but damn, I dont hate anyting more than roaches either in insect world
Haji Demon

Report | 03/16/2018 10:42 pm

Haji Demon

Why not? You cant steal his trick, you dont have a twinn sister............................do you???? Have I been talking to 2 different people this entire time?

It can still get shocked or upset XD If you ever get a wish, then ask for Arceus and hae him create the rest of them

You mean to make it one continuous thing till the end? O___O

Yeah..a lot of insects do seemingly have weird bodies
Haji Demon

Report | 03/15/2018 10:49 pm

Haji Demon

Wait..you know if Nolan has a twin brother?

Just dont let it get upset for any reason

well..if you want to spread it out, then you can post it chapter by chapter!

That makes sense, butterflies are skinny little things in the end
Haji Demon

Report | 03/15/2018 10:38 pm

Haji Demon

Crap now I've to see the movie again and check if Nolan has a twin brother

They also shoot fire out of their back, go for torchic family, they are my fav

One huge a book worth of post?

Oh I only meant about eyes..their eyes didnt seem that far off from butterflies or houseflies..


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