My name is Ravin Uchiha. During the early years of my childhood, I figured out I had strange powers. I could manipulate Blood, Fire, Darkness and even Time itself. I figured out I had these abilities when a villager frightened and scared me. He was trying to kill me for having such powers after he found out about the spirit resting within me. I could manipulate the fire on his torch, and hold it within the palm of my hand. Once he tried to attack me, I became scared and he suddenly burst into flames. I was alone in that village, no one liked me, no one took care of me. My parents were killed while I was young, and I believed that my whole clan was killed. I was young and barely had the chance to see my mother and father smile…they were killed by three rouge ninja. I trained long and hard, day in and day out to become stronger, but I couldn’t control the spirit within me or the powers I had.

A man by the name of Shane Matsuri approached me one day while I was alone in the forest. He said he could help me control the spirit, my powers, and even take care of me. I didn’t know what my real last name was, so he gave me his, thus, my name was Ravin Matsuri. He placed a seal on my back (which is still there…). I was happy and I believed him…until one certain night. It was a major storm, so big, that it caused a black out. I was alone in my room watching the rain and lighting until he came in. Everything seemed harmless at first, until he secretly placed a spell on me to keep from fighting back. That’s when he raped me. Because of the spell, I became weak and when it broke, I was unable to fight him for long. He got away but I left his house and lived on my own. He is still walking the earth and the people of the village think of him as a hero! I tried to tell them what happened to get some help, but no one paid attention to me. Since that night, I made a vow to not only get the three who killed my parents but the man who scarred me eternally...

::Current Day…::
I was still living alone when I met a man by the name of Hakudoushi Yoshitsune. I could tell that he was powerful, but wasn’t sure if I could trust him. I wanted to become stronger so I asked him to train me. Soon I became a member of the Neo Akatsuki (now the Black Dragon Akatsuki) and even became the leader of Squad II. He allowed me to join because he believed I could improve… and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I continued to train, becoming stronger still. I haven’t forgotten about the vow I made to myself about my parents and Shane.

One day I was wandering around alone when a mysterious man bumped into me. I became annoyed because he didn’t say ‘Excuse me.’ That’s when I found out that he was supposed to kill me, but he found out that I was a member of the B.D.A. He decided not to kill me. He also saw that I had the spirit and powers unlike anyone else. He introduced himself as Encon Uchiha and said he was the leader of the Shadow Sharingan Clan. I remembered that the S.S.C was a partnering organization to the B.D.A. I wanted to become stronger still so I could control the spirit so I asked if I could be a member of his clan. He accepted me. That’s when he told me that I was his little sister, and that my real name was Ravin Uchiha. He also told me I was born with the Shadow Sharingan Trait…something I wasn’t aware of. I was relieved to find another survivor of the night our parents were killed.

Shortly after I became a member of the Clan, I met Nova Uchiha, someone who helped Encon train me. Encon told Nova that I was his little sister and I was yet again relieved to find another member of the Uchiha Clan. With their help, I am learning new attacks and defenses, and even how to control the spirit and my powers. I enjoy training with Nova and Encon, because it’s like they have a different surprise for me, or a different attack each time we fight. I was approached by a man one day when I was waiting for my older brothers. He introduced himself as Luminus Uchiha, and he had the Sharingan Trait, but to my surprise, his was green! It wasn’t common to find someone else of the clan with green, I believe before I met Luminus that I was the only one. He tried to get me to betray my brothers and kill the members of the clan, I refused. But, unlike Nova, he didn’t fight me. Instead, he said that he was going to kill me. Even though he seemed powerful, Luminus proved to be a coward and a weakling.

Before I met with my brothers and found out who I am, I joined the military under Brigadier General Roy Mustang and became a State Alchemist. My name is the Exile Alchemist, and I use my combat skills and power skills together and use alchemy. When I joined, I met a man named Edward Elric, and I found out a few things out about him. He is a legend, became an alchemist at the age of 12 and because of his metal arm and leg, along with his ability to manipulate metal like I can use my abilities, he got the alchemist name Fullmetal Alchemist. We became partners and soon, we fell in love. I love Edward and will give my life in order to save his along with my brothers…do not
make the mistake of even thinking of harming them…or you will suffer the consequences. I am not the type of girl you would want to make mad…you would regret it when your soul is in the afterlife…

::The Spirit…::
It’s true name is Exile Hybrid…or Exile. It is a mix between two races, that aren’t commonly seen around our area…the Exile Angel and the Exile Demon. Because of the spirit, not only do I have strange powers, I also appear different from my brothers. Instead of the traditional and common red hair, my hair is three different shades; black with green and white bangs. My eyes are also two different colors. My left eye is green while my right one is silver. I also have strange markings not only on my back, but form the neck all the way down my left arm and waist. There is a tattoo of a dragon on my waistline, which serves as a conservation seal. I keep small amounts of energy stored there. Should I ever run out in a tight spot, I can break that seal and use the stored up energy to keep going. My Nindo (or Ninja Way) is to never give up, and to give it all you got…I have my brothers to back me up with that. my family and new found friends mean the world to me, and if anyone
messes with them, you will die….point blank.


::My Weapons, Abilities, and Defenses…::
like I said before, I have the ability to manipulate Blood, Darkness, Fire and Time. Of course, certain procedures have to take place before I can do anything.

Because of Exile, my body produces an excessive amount of blood. Inside me is more blood than any ocean and because of this, any stab, wound, cut, or decapitation I get, the blood will form a new body part or heal the wound I get. I can control the blood of not only myself, but my opponents as well…as long as their blood is leaking. Because of the seal Shane put on me, I have different stages to each ability. The first stage is to manipulate the blood. The second stage is the ability to see the blood of my opponents flow through their veins. The third stage is to be able to manipulate the blood of my opponents from the inside out.

Tsunami of Blood… Blood Prison… Blood Burst… Blood Pool… Blood Clone… Blood Teleportation… Blood Bubble… Blood Dragon… Blood Claws… Blades of Blood V. 1 & V.2… Blood Bullets… Blood Shurikin… Blood Bomb…

Wall of Blood… Armor of Blood… Sphere of Blood…

-(Shadow Ninjutsu Technique)-
This technique allows me to control my shadow, and even my opponents’. This technique is designed for death; nothing more, nothing less. Shadow Clones can use this and they require 60% of my power. They are harder to defeat than me and also have the abilities to use my jutsu. In some stories, Exile was supposedly born in darkness…therefore became the Goddess/God of Darkness (Exile takes on the gender of its host…). Of course I can use Darkness by itself, but it’s more powerful with another element. Unlike my Blood abilities, Darkness doesn’t have different stages.

Black Water Transit… Shadow Touch… Shadow Sacrifice… Shadow Pull… Shotagan Shadow Strike…

Dark Orb… Dark Wall… Dark Ribbon… Dark Armor… Crystal Darkness…

A common element…my Fire is different. I can actually change the color of my flames…I just prefer it to be green. I first learned about my Fire abilities on the night I got attacked by a man from my old village. I manipulated the fire on his torch and held it in my hand. When he tried to attack me, I was scared and he burst into flames. I didn’t try to do it…but Shane told me that with a single thought, I could make anything catch on fire. I couldn’t use it when Shane raped me…because not only did the spell paralyze me, but it blocked my thoughts…all I could think about was the pain…

Fire Dragon Bomb… Fire Bomb… Fire Ball… Eternal Flames… Fire Cyclone… Twin Fire Dragons… Flame Shockwave…

Fire Wall… Lava Armor… Crystal Flames…

A special element, even for me. This is an element I don’t use often, although…it comes in handy during a close call or a tight fight. I am able to rewind time, stop it, and even fast forward. I guess you could say it’s something like predicting the future, but of course I can always change it. Erasing a certain point in my or some one else’s past, isn’t something I can’t, or don’t want to do. Erasing that certain point could mess up someone’s future, or their past beyond repair…they could be stuck in a time warp forever…constantly repeating themselves. With this ability, I don’t use it as an attack, but as a strong defense…

Freeze…Slow Down… Repeat… Crystal Time…

-Other Attacks and Abilities-
-(Armless Ninja Technique)-
a powerful illusion technique designed for high physical damage. This graceful technique relies on how calm the users mind is. The user’s eyes must always stay closed while using it. This allows the user to enhance their hearing abilities and the user becomes a living illusion. The hearing abilities of an amateur using this technique can hear blood rush through veins 100-meters away. I’m advanced in this technique…so my field of hearing is 900-meters in radius.

Shadow Sharingan… Flying Sleeves… Horizontal Palm… Dimension Kick… Summoning Jutsu V.1 & V.2… Flash Step... Death Alchemy… Gambit Alchemy… 4000 years of Suffering… 1000 Senbon Needles of Death…

-(Raging Skies Technique)-
I wasn’t the original creator of this technique…I learned it straight from the master of it…Ushiro Yumi. After a brutal fight “blaze”, Yumi designed this technique for 2 purposes. 1) Any element that comes from te skies: water, ice, fire(lightening) light or darkness: this technique negates (stops) all elemental attacks. Depending on how strong the user of those elements are, it weakens them by half. 2) it allows the user to become one with those elements, and becomes immune to them.

-(Corpse Revival Technique)-
this technique isn’t as easy as all of the other ones. It’s actually similar to Kimimaru Kaguya’s Corpse Bone Pulse... except I’m not using my own bones. I can raise a dead body from the ground and use their bones as a weapon. I can even make the skeleton fight along side me. Of course…I can raise more than one at a time. I can even create an army with the dead…or I can make them all different weapons to help me fight. It’s my choice.

-(Imitation Technique)-
This technique allows me to imitate or mimic my opponent or even my partners. I can use my opponent’s attack or element against them…with 100 times the force. I don’t use this technique often... and to save yourself the pain and trouble…if I use this technique…stick to the attacks you know wont end your own life.

-(Endless Clones Technique)-
self explanatory, I can create more clones than Naruto Uzumaki himself…and that’s one of his signature moves. It’s an helpful ability when I believe I can’t fight alone and no one else is around to help me. There is, however, a way to tell me from the clones…but I’m not telling. You’ll just have to figure it out on ur own.

Buster Gunblade… Metal Scythe… Kunai… Shurikins… Gambit Alchemy Cards… Metal Thread… Steel Needles… Steel Buster Mallet… Steel Katana…


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