I quit

I'm no longer on gaia

Dannys right, its stupid addicting, and not worth my time. Sorry Danny, I feel so shitty. I'm changing for you, I promise. I'm gonna grow up, its about time I did

I love you Daniel. And I wont let my immaturity get in the way of us. Nothing well ever do that


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Us Emo Eaters Say It Better ;]

as you enter the world of a teenaged inspiring artist one must open their minds to opinions, new ideas, new life, new begginings. You must be willing to let free of your brash judgements and decide. Well you take the red button or the blue button? Wa


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hey nice pro hehe u sound really cool well comment back thanks

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Ello, Wish you the best O luck m8. xd If you want to talk to someone or wish you had some help just ask and I'll help out.
Drake Magestrail

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Drake Magestrail

Welcome to Gaia.Hope you like it.


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