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the love of my life - Hunter. <3

oh Hunter , iloveyou2

Peoplez Thats Visit =)

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OceanicDisasters Report | 03/19/2010 4:07 pm
Whats the new one
OceanicDisasters Report | 03/18/2010 2:33 pm
Wheres your avi
Your nakidd
OceanicDisasters Report | 03/17/2010 12:28 pm
lol,That was funnt*Young one*
OceanicDisasters Report | 03/14/2010 1:15 pm
My X girlfriend is now going out with my best friend
OceanicDisasters Report | 03/13/2010 5:30 pm
In a way
OceanicDisasters Report | 03/09/2010 2:09 pm
Hi love
How are you?
MasterNinja99989 Report | 02/16/2010 7:40 am
Heyy who is this and how do i know you
wolf kid 007 Report | 01/30/2010 12:37 pm
wolf kid 007
no clue
wolf kid 007 Report | 01/25/2010 5:52 pm
wolf kid 007
bored as hell
xXsouless hunterXx Report | 01/24/2010 3:57 pm
xXsouless hunterXx
your on to biggrin


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Last Login: 07/14/2014 5:44 pm

Registered: 03/29/2008

Gender: Female

About_ Meh

so im about to write one of those long, boring, full of info you probably don't care about,paragraphs. Enjoy it well you can. My name is Shannon, im a girl. anywhoo, im a freshman, im 14 and I was [Single] Now I have Sango of the mist <3 . I love it sometimes and hate it sometimes . I have My friend kingydumboeene&&WolfKid There wicked sweet and they treat me better than I deserve to be. To be completely truthful I don't deserve them. I would give the world for em though. Im friendly, so leave me a message no worriies. Im a emo, Prepy,Girly girl, Randomly Random (to an extreme) person. I like shiny things as you can tell (just check out my pro). Also I have a ton of friends on gaia, please leave them alone im very protective of them. I have a Fish Named "Mr.Bubbles", hes a Wicked Fishy well actually Hes Pritty Awsome. (i will put pics up soon). I live in Canada,. Oh and I love music. I am almost always listening to music of somesort. Thats about all I can think of for now so...uh.. just leave a comment or pm and i'll get back to you eventually.

Favorite color: Lavander
Favorite person: Mr ToshTosh (Bothh Love Huuggss)
Hobby: Being Randomly Random xD

When a guy says your HOT<3
He's looking at ur body~
When a guy says your PRETTY<3
He's looking at ur face~
When a guy says ur BEAUTIFUL <3
He's looking at your heart~

I am the a.d.d kid and the "emo kid" even if i look Nothing like an emo kid cause i lost my Eyeliner.My life is BUSY quite a bit but it can be so much fun when your life is busy with your friends! I love my friends dearly and woulden't give them up,not even for candy mountian. I love video games but I am always obsessing over the computer so I always forget to play them before my brother takes over.

The guy "Danny" that was on my profile in the vids is a sexy man b***h and i wish he belonged to me, sadly that will never come true. I love someone and they "love" me back, but never pay attention to me at all but I'm still happy to be around him. He makes my heart skip and do funny things, but most of all he doesn't have to make me smile, and i don't have to fake one.Because he's hallarious! XD
And theres this one girl, whos life is so far in hell its hard to see if she'll ever not fake a smile, she may be that shitty emo kid who I follow but you don't know her like I do, shes the kindest, most thoughtful and understanding person I've ever know and she won't lie to you cause shes afraid she'll hurt your feelings because shes just that honest. she doesn't give a ******** what you say and deep inside she may be that emo kid that seems to refect by what she wears but her soul, and eyes tell others a different story, and shes lost. She would be so much better if everyone just shut up about her. Shes the kindest, most fun to hang around "emo" kid i will ever have. I love this girl! >:3
I'm a liar, because I don't tell you everything.
I'm a slut, because I like boys.
I'm weird, because I'm not like you.
I'm a nerd, because I actually like reading sometimes.
I'm stupid, because sometimes I'm wrong.
I am what I am. I'm done, being labeled.

Sports: Volly-Ball...and Dance

A: a smile to die for
B : is a nerd at time
C : can kick your a**
D : great friend
E : has beautiful eyes
F : wild and crazy
G : talkative
H : extremely hyper
I : has one of the best personalities
J : is really sweet
K : gorgeous
L : very good listener
M : can be funny and dumb at times
N : easy to fall in love with
O : best boyfriend or girlfriend
P : popular with all types of people
Q : makes people laugh
R : gives irresistible hugs and is a good kisser
S : nice person
T : very open-minded
U : is loved by everyone
V : not judgmental
W : very romantic
X : never lets people tell them what to do
Y : very hot
Z : very sexy

S : nice person
H : extremely hyper
A: a smile to die for
N : easy to fall in love with
N : easy to fall in love with
O : best boyfriend or girlfriend
N : easy to fall in love with

ALL TRUE smile


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Letters and Lights?

The Maine.

Christian Beadles, lovehim--


║ (o)║♥ i love music

☆┌─┐ ─┐☆
 │▒│ /▒/
 │▒ /▒/─┬─┐
┌┴─┴─┐-┘─┘ ●●P3a¢3 0uT●● ~
☆    ▦    ☆

Im not a girl, not yet a woman

I used to think
I had the answers to everything
Mm but now I know
That life doesnt always go my way. yeah
Feels like Im caught in the middle
Thats when I realize

Im not a girl
Not yet a woman
All I need is time
A moment that is mine
While Im in between
Im not a girl

There is no need to protect me
Its time that i
Learned to face up to this on my own
Ive seen so much more than you know now
So dont tell me to shut my eyes

Im not a girl
Not yet a woman
All I need is time
A moment that is mine
While Im in between
Im not a girl

But if you look at me closely
You will see it in my eyes
This girl will always find her way

Im not a girl
Im not a girl dont tell me what to believe
Not yet a woman
Im just tryin to find the woman in me, yeah
All I need is time
Whoa, all I need is time...
A moment that is mine
... thats mine
While Im in between
Im not a girl
Not yet a woman
Not now
All I need is time
A moment that is mine
While Im in between

Im not a girl

Ooooh, not yet a woman