Ok so you want to know about me?

My name is none of your business.
You can just call me lolli or lollipop or whatever
I don't really care.
I am a full time college student studying Design and Computer Science.
I am also a Web Developer and plan to be a Software Engineer after graduation.

This would be me
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Thanks for tipping my post. Glitch is seriously cute, btw.❤

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User Image

Glitch is adorable!
X-Some Hearts-X

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X-Some Hearts-X

thank you for your purchase.
Drona Bee

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Drona Bee

Haha, sorry. xD
Drona Bee

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Drona Bee

You're kind of awesome~! And I love your little kitty. heart
Fake God

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Fake God

I absolutely adore your avatar.
And your cute little about me. <3

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You are very beautiful
and I may be in love with you heart
4laugh 4laugh 4laugh
Rebs a fgt

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Rebs a fgt

valid reasons not to want to add them pretty much the same as mine
really, that was a corny thought (sorry I'm really out of it today)
my head is so high in the clouds
that's great
where do you work,

I'm dysfunctional. =]
Rebs a fgt

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Rebs a fgt

Hey, you don't mind the random add do you?
I usually don't add anyone
but you seemed worthy
how are you?