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juriru on 10/27/2019


okay so get this my mom and dad named me cameron on jan 26. i live my life and no on else.people mostly know me from myspace. i live in florida and i plan to stay here for awhile. dont ask about my life or where i come from. its painful to think about and ill stomp you with words. to you, i will come off as either two different things. a really funny, nice girl or a really big a*****e who could care less what you have to say. it changes pretty much from day to day. my close friends know exactly how i am and i usually am not a complete a*****e to them. i probably wont become your friend, im not on gaiga for that. but i wont mind talking to you. im like this because of the place im at in my life. i dont like my life and its probably going to stay that way for a while. its hard being spread out from your family when the most important ones are gone. just dont become close to me. but your more then welcome to talk.

if your going to comment me, say more then just hi. i normally wont say anything back to that. i try. but you dont have to go to the extent of saying something completely incoherent. dont ask me about my myspace. this, and my personal, are my ONLY gaiga. i made everything on it, and typed everything on it. dont steal my s**t. dont ask me who sings my song. i will not tell you unless i know you. i realize i have fakes. if you find one, comment me. dont ask me to whore you, make you a whore code, make you a layout or to make you a sign. i wont.

dont ask me to "please comment/reply back".
dont expect me to always respond to you,
dont say rawr, your not a dinosaur, sorry.


Grr... he makes me fell short


we are always like this haha but this is a old pic of us i dye my hair alot!