this is me

ok heres wats up my names megan im 15 years young bitchez!!! i live my life with my parnts who seem to hate everthing i do........including my boyfrend the guy i love he rox my world like no one else can. i love him so much i would give my own life if it meant keeping him happy and safe. my frends are the most importante thing in the world to me they are the only reason i continue to live. i love music. my ipod is the one thing i turn to when i cant stand my parents yelling at me anymore. i listen to most any kind of music....except rap. rap is a disgrace to the music world. 89of americas youth listens to rap but im part of that 11that still rocks out to the classics everyday!! im a beautiful brunette girl with sexy brown eyes or so my boyfrend says. and hes probaly not lien to me...........even tho i dont think im that pretty everyone says im if wanna get to kno the gurl behind the b***h just talk to me if i feel like talkin i mite talk to you if not you mite get cussed out just try and find me on a good day...

ive never seen anyone so prone to life threatening idiocy
-alice cullen

when you cant be with the one you love will you settle for the one who loves you
-bella swan

If you should die before me, ask if you can bring a friend.
- Stone Temple Pilots

best frends: you cry, i cry. you smile, i smile. you jump off a bridge, i get a boat and save your retarded a**.

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