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meeeeeee tweakes :DDD

About well my the name i respond to is tweakes biggrin DD lol and alot of ppl say im creepy,funny,wierd,cheesey,random,in so many ways and at time dirty minded lol if needed favorite color i greene the viens full of mexican blood the age is 17 :]] i pop bottles took my firts tears,yell,laughs,burps to this anoying confusing world on june 25 ohchyea lmfao hahahaa biggrin DD love turttles biggrin dogs biggrin kittys biggrin all anamails lol im a veggie eater biggrin D and i love twillight RawR :] Edward and Jacob !!!!! ♥♥♥ and well a ya thats right also elaphants are awsome ... awsome is a word i tend to use alot hehehe the music i listen to is rock simple stuff techno lots its cuz music is my life have a kitty named oreo and a dog named buk :] and if your asking they dont get along lol and that reminds me for those of you who ask i doo bite lol so dont try anything trickey lol i have 4 brothers and 5 sisters ya alot i know im a beast i love cookies ive been told i can make a nikka tear whitch i doo feel bad its like i mean to sad i hate piggy bak rides but i do give them lol im clever and a times a total retard lol but i guess its juz to mak you laugh lol i may bug you but mayb its because i love and i want attencion i dont relly assk for that i gues lol well i guess thats about i have to say if your reading this you must be relly desperate lol jkjjk but if you are you juz wasted about 10 minutes of your life lol unless you relly want to know about me witch i think is not true cuz i think im pretty borring so ya smile ))))) i juz try to be nice biggrin DDDDDDDDD
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death is
peace full
but life
is harder
hmm ?