"All I may ask of you is to simply accept your fate and become a Guardian of the people." The strange, yet unfading light floated right in front of me, waiting for a response. For a moment, I remained hesitated, unsure of what to say.

"But what if I am not suited to become a Guardian? What if I fail my mission to protect the living things of this Earth?" I inquire, worry etched across my face. The spark remained silent for a moment before it spoke up once again.

"Dear child, if I knew you were not well suited for this task, I wouldn't have personally asked you to do this for me. Young one, I can sense everything about you. Your undying kindness and generosity for the ones who do not even deserve it; your infinite persistence and determination; your blazing courage and might. I do not understand why you are so hesitant to do this. Why don't you believe in yourself for once?"

After hearing the illuminating light's encouraging words, I manage to twitch a smile and take a deep breath. I knew that it was my fate to help everyone out, and I couldn't refuse this opportunity just because I'm terrified of my newfound responsibilities. Finally, I spoke up.

"I will do my utmost best to be the best Guardian for the people. You can count on me," I announce as I feel this sudden spark of power within me.


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dragon_princess_ruler Report | 05/27/2017 1:32 pm
thank u for buying


"For my family . . for my friends . . for my neighbors . . for my community . . for everyone . . . I will make sure to protect all of you!"


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