Goodbye GaiaOnline!

Hi, my name is Emily! If you're on this profile, I'm sorry to say I'm no longer active on Gaia.

Though this account says otherwise, I was actually a Gaia member from 2004-2011. My friend Katelynn introduced it to me in middle school and I was addicted to it like crack from the get-go; not only for the roleplaying but the friendly community, addictive mini games and the compulsive gold spending. Over the years I collected a huge inventory of 1,550 items and a Gaia worth of 4,119,772 gold! (All of which, aside from what my avatar is wearing, has been donated to the Gaia community)

I joined when I was 14, was pretty active on here the first few years, and over time my interest in this site has dwindled to the point that I can effortlessly say goodbye to it. Back in school this site was an excellent escape from my awkward preteen life and in a lot of ways helped me cope with things. Today, I am 20 years old, attending college and I don't feel that need to escape reality anymore.

So thank you GaiaOnline!