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Who I Am

Hiya 3nodding

The names Emily, but I go by Emmie or Emmie-chan.
I'm a college student, majoring in English Literature, and it's crazy.
I like to cosplay, I find Lolita style to be beautiful, and I love to go to cons.
I love anime and manga, and my tastes are very wide in variety, so check my interests for those.
Also, I'm becoming a bit of a gamer, thanks to my boyfriend and his love of video games. WoW is fun, and he's also teaching me to play Magic the Gathering, lol.
My day of birth is 8/26
I'm fun sized (meaning 5' 2" tall) xD
I have dirty blonde hair, blue/green eyes
I'm geeky and a pretty happy go lucky gal. I like meeting new people, just don't be one of these: dramallama lol.


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Calm Your Vag Report | 04/30/2011 12:52 pm
Calm Your Vag
thanks for buying(:
Daulig Report | 10/21/2009 6:33 am
And I can assume that it's always nice to wear something that represents a character you like, especially if you're happy with the result ^^
They made me cosplay Black Star from Soul Eater, so I had to colour my hair blue ^^;; But it all turned well (: They said later that I should cosplay Yotsuba from Yotsubato, but since I'm not THAT short and I love that manga I couldn't accept ._.
Daulig Report | 10/17/2009 1:57 pm
Thank you! ^^
I'm not considering myself really as a fan to the show, but I like the drawing style a lot, and the game is quite thrilling to play (even though I suck when I try it... ;_; ) I think it's also nice to see that the fanbase isn't dead even though the anime and the manga has come to an end smile
And I see that you like cosplay! Cool! =D I've been forced once to it and it was pretty fun in the end ^^
wsondermann Report | 10/08/2009 4:52 pm
Glasses don't protect against sharp pencils... Irony WIN lolz. xD
wsondermann Report | 10/07/2009 8:13 am
*pokes out eye*

Poke. xD
spazerific90 Report | 07/31/2009 2:23 pm
Hello dear. No, I haven't been on here in forever! I have nothing to do today, so I randomly thought about Gaia and signed in. Nice hearing from you! How's life? Lol.
spazerific90 Report | 01/12/2008 6:44 pm
Winter break was super! lol. I had some major chill time on my hands, just hangin out. Hows about you? Oh and happy new year! I'm so flippen excited the school year is half way over. Woot woot! User Image
spazerific90 Report | 12/15/2007 1:19 pm
Today is offically the first day of winter break and I'm loving every second of it. All the tests are done, I think I did okay. Now I can focus on family, friends and fun. SWEEEEt! Plus no school is like flippin awesome! Hope you did good on all your finals! User Image adios.
spazerific90 Report | 12/10/2007 3:30 pm
Yes...midterms. Ewww. 20% of my grade....eww. My brain feels like mush. I keep imagining my head cracking open and spilling out on a baking sheet cooked at 350 degrees. Mmmm brain cookies. lol. How are you coping with midterm/finals mania?
spazerific90 Report | 11/29/2007 4:14 pm
Whoa, sweet tiger! and yes the hair is fabulous my dear. ^^

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