Let's see here. I'm finally putting something here. Yayness! xD

Anyway, um...I'm an Animation/Manga freak, and I love to roleplay. Pm me, we can chat about stuff. I like to learn about new things, so if I don't know, it's a welcome thing.

Heh. Um...oh, don't beg for any gold or items from me, I may be nice, but I'm not a bank. You need gold, earn it yourself.

I really do enjoy role playing. To those of you who might be interested, drop me a line. If you're interested in joining a long term story line with people who (*GASP*) have lives, then feel free to inquire about my thread 'A Strange New World'. We all tend to disappear at times, but we are devoted to this and do indeed want the story to go on.

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Well...I guess this will just be for me to babble and ramble and such when I feel like it. Post comments if you want. ^^


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The Great Duke Berith

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The Great Duke Berith

By the way your looking super cute today :3