I Lubs It !!

hiYo / hi hi / nya~ .. teh name ish ann ( well only on gaia ) xD ..i cant stand being alone >E it freaks meh out being bored xD .. so yea i lyke doing somthing random x] ..
i wanna thanks to ppls gift me sutff .. they r eek :
heart zackie-oreo-kins heart
~ kaya teh cat
~ summoning tome (meh 1st gift)
~ fire flower
~ grace of aphrodite
~ let it snow
heart levan heart
~ lovebird plush
~ inner fire kimono
~ fire storm dragon slippers
~ go player
~ brown puffy hat
heart pweety lady heart
~ fire storm gown
heart breakface heart
~ gothic veils

thankies so much to joo all !! and i also wants to thanks for meh gaia family n frens for lots of HUGS n KISSES !! i lubs joo guys so much !! w0000tttt ~

well its my b-day on 10th of july .. so here's the peeps give me gift :
heart Dark Samurai of death heart
~ benny teh puppy
heart prince yuuki heart
~ 1 smexC kiss
heart chibi love forever heart
~ wonderland
~ bff necklace
heart tyrilous heart
~ leafy tavern wench's bustier