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Hey there, Emcentric here.

Emily the lesbian skypirate here, who studies animation, is trying to learn how to become a good artist, and wants to write novels but struggles to find time on top of workloads.

I enjoy art, music, reading, writing, roleplaying, video games, the genre of steampunk... I also enjoy some anime, manga and cosplaying. But really, I haven't read/watched a whole load, I get picky.

Some fan things:
All things Harry Potter
Pushing Daises
Anything Neil Gaiman has created
Tim Burton
Lackadaisy Cats (Seriously good webcomic that needs more love)
The Mighty Boosh
And many more things I may add later smile


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Lagomorphine Report | 02/18/2016 8:24 pm
That message in AAYDOW,
It was beautiful.

Kyoko_Starr Report | 01/01/2016 12:16 pm
Thanks for buying
X Midnight Dreary X Report | 11/28/2015 7:53 pm
X Midnight Dreary X
Thank you for your purchase!~
Yuki_The_cool Report | 08/20/2010 6:38 am
cool avi
iD r e a m e r r Report | 01/18/2010 3:53 pm
iD r e a m e r r
They so do, especially when they match up perfectly in your head <3
Lately I've been purchasing songs to compliment my inner-going ons in my head xD
I'm weird.

Either way I still think those who picture England as the humongous place are better off than I am.
Every time I hear England the anime character (England -- Arthur Kirkland from Axis Power Hetalia) pops into my head o.o
Haha I guess it would be a history lesson : P

Chicago <3 The windy city : D
(--that'd be such a fail if I am mixing that up with something)
Michigan, eh? I never been there o:
Always wanted to go to see the lakes : D
The only place I've been out of country is Canada. But that doesn't really count here...since you can get there in all of two hours and 'cause it's, you know, Canada. Nothing really goes on up there x3
Love it so though.

Especially in the US! I do live in New England, they gave their name to a whole region xD
Every country has had their, well, not so pleasant pasts. America isn't any exception : D
Plus, we got back at joo >w< Mwhaha, flush that tea in the harbor (..along with other things not as fun.)
(...I live pretty much in Boston, Boston Tea Party )
Haha just kidding : D
...I am so using toodle-pip....

I know o.o
Yay! I agree 100%

Hehe thanks, I have been seen as older. To why that is I cannot tell you o.o
Meh no is ready for school >o<
Me no likey school.

I do too, I love all his films.
He's like my Japanese Tim Burton..except less macabre.
While Kenichi Matsuyama is my Japanese equivalent to Johnny Depp <3333333
When one mentioned Tim Burton one has to put Johnny in the same's a rule : P
iD r e a m e r r Report | 01/15/2010 12:36 pm
iD r e a m e r r
Me dos, me dos. I will suffer through torture before someone makes me give up my imagination. I could, have, just sit inside my fantasy land for hours. All I need is myself, though I love adding a little soundtrack via iPod. Imagination keeps me sane o.o

O.k, because I was seriouslly confused for a moment. Well, I think when people think of England they think of the Biritish Empire. Which would give the impression it is bigger than it is.

Oh god.
Really? Where did you go in the U.S? The East Coast, Midwest, or West Coast? Since, sadly, the I.Q's weans from the right of the country to the left (map wise).
No,no, no blame them. The size has no relevance, that is not an excuse for them not to know. Plus, England is so closely tied with us. They should know.
I am not going to candy-coated it, we Americans are not bright. Some of us are, but I can't say this for all.
There are people who don't know how many stars there are on our flag and who lives on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.(in case you don't, which is fine, it would be the White House; aka, where our President lives). Oh oh and here the best one! -- Some people can't point to CHINA on the map -.-

Yeah! We have A LOT of the same names. I once got confused when talking to someone from England; they were talking about Cambridge and I was having a bit of a culture fart.
Since I go to Cambridge, America all the time. Had to take a milisecond to remember you guys have one too. Haha.
We're not hard to find. New England is the region on the east coast of the United States. We're bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Canada and the state of New York and have Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. If you look at a map of North America we're the little top part that shoots off at the top.

Me too! My best friend and I practically have our own lang. xD < -- I am addicted to that too....
"Like" and "um" seems embeded into our culture -.- ick!

It may be an oxymoron, but hey I am what I am. Awwww thanks :3

My classmates do it that well. I love it and hate it -.-
I never write as well as I do here at school, it a pressure thing. Since everyone expects me to do so well!!
I am not going to be egotistical either, I have so much to learn and oh god I get nervous writing for school o.e
Same, I need to learn to how to structure a story well. I'm afraid it's a weal point; that and using an unessescary (woooow spelled wrong!) amount of adj.s.

Seriouslly? xD
Well thanks, aha.
Yeah it's fine, I just turned fiftheen recently :3 Haha

Really, well that's sweet :3
Well then I hope you get a good feeling whenever you hear it on my profile <3
I adore that song so much. A person used it as a theme and I fell it love : D
LexyCobriana Report | 01/14/2010 12:50 pm
So how are you???
LexyCobriana Report | 01/14/2010 12:04 pm
yes i know! I've had that one myself I think.... a long time ago. lol.
I'm Lexy by the way.
LexyCobriana Report | 01/14/2010 11:55 am
ooooo! your background is soooo CUTE!
iD r e a m e r r Report | 01/12/2010 2:08 pm
iD r e a m e r r
So true -.- Well hopefully we'll all find out inner writer's messiah.
Oh god me too, haha. I found something a while back, a quote, and it is so funny and true:
Writers; those who don't give up their imaginary friends. smile

I haven't even got a chance till now to find them, truly sorry.
It isn't in England (or rather it is south England) o:
Never knew that, new fact!
Eeh the U.S of A isn't that hard to figure. Come to where I live, I think you'd find it pretty easy; New England : P
We have a Winchester >w< ...then again those from Britain did name our most of our towns.

I find it quite sad, however, when brb or jk slip into my speech -.-
I mentally kick myself; same with "like". I try ever so hard to talk like some valley girl: Like omg, it was like so like amazing! Like yeah.....
: P

Wouldn't it? It'd feel better to be amongst serious writers -- even the not so "serious" one; light, fun writers are just as grand.
Well bah humbug to them! A pin pop to their inflated egos would do them good xD
Easy going is awesome :3
I don't think I have acquired such a trait yet; I am the most paranoid, optimistic pessimist : DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
...who is hyper at the moment > .>

They just can't seem to do out the mental math when it comes to that. We had a babyish assignment (make a three paged story) and they all stared at me when I came with with nine. Would have been netter if I was not such a procrastinator....but I'll fix that problem later : P

No problem!!

I've never heard of mock exams until recently : /
They do not sound like fun -.-
well...nothing with the word "exam" lumped with it gives off the essence of enjoyment, does it?
I have midterms next week myself o.o
Monday is a holiday
All classes and dismissed once the exams (first and second block) have finished. Half-a-days.
Friday I have no exams because I am not permitted to take college and/or AP courses.

Two hours and forty five minutes devoted solely to tests.
Don't get a 90 or above and I will not be exempt from finals.

Well, I suppose, your tests are much more difficult than mine. Seeing how I do believe you are older than I, you act like it.
Shouldn't whine, should I? Haha.