"Become... What you must.
Tʜᴇ Wᴀʀʀɪᴏʀ ᴏғ Dᴀʀᴋɴᴇss."
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yum_whitestrawberry Mary/Dulce/Kona | Nonbinary (They/them+He/Him) | XXII | Monster | Aka Oni yum_whitestrawberry
yum_tamago Tired cosplayer and avid roleplayer.
yum_tamago Disgusting Edge Lord.
yum_tamago Scarlxrd, BROCKHAMPTON, Myth City, The GazettE, Juice WRLD, Kehlani, grandson. emotion_kiss
yum_tamago The Eric Andre Show makes my crops flourish.
yum_tamago Its Me Risette and DulcetFlan make me consider retreating to the caves to escape society. (Love them and Ginyu) emotion_bigheart
yum_tamago I mostly chill out on Final Fantasy XIV, but I peek in here for old time's sake.
yum_tamago Goth b***h Dark Knight/Warrior/Ninja/Dancer
yum_tamago Unapologetically in love with fat anime tits, sharp teeth, and muscle girls. I hide tusks behind my mask.
yum_tamago If you wanna meet my dumb b***h ogre Konoha, just hmu.
yum_tamago If you were there during the era of 1023 b8 Cosplay Town, you deserve a veteran's discount at Kohl's.
gaia_star Contact Me!! gaia_moon
yum_donut Discord: Bakketsu#0810
yum_candy Skype: mynoodleiswet123 (Unused)
yum_coffee Facebook: ASK
yum_tea Tumblr: https://moonlit-flora.tumblr.com (Heavily based around my character Lefia)
yum_onigiri Twitter: https://twitter.com/Reverse_Cascade (Misc)
yum_blueberry FFXIV: Mateus
yum_lollipop PSN: nohrianscumxiii