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Secrets of a Godian Mage - An Eclectic Spirituality

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Who I Am

Greetings other Gaians & welcome to Elven Fae's profile.
Friends in the realm of mortals outside the cyber zones know me by the mortal birth name of CJ, however, closer friends call me Ciege.
Yes, I was born with the spirit of an Elven Faery, hence the name Elven Fae or my avatar.

Im actually a lot more than a name and an avis. I dont know about others, but I will tell you that I was conscious born and came into the flesh fully aware of prelife as an immortal spirit and have since then experienced quiet a few out-of-body and near-death experiences. On behalf of this, I am not at all a religious person and have my own eclectic spiritual path I call Godian Magism.

Yes, I practice a type of Witchcraft I prefer to call Magecraft. To me, its just a title of a spiritual practice and one that feels a little more masculine in tone than the other title, but its almost the same.

Prior becoming a mortal being, I was simply an Elven type of spirit and I remember to this day a few things prior birth that occurred at St Helens the day she erupted. They wont ever tell the truth, but I witnessed a photographer fall from a helicopter that day whose body they moved to an encampment with his vehicle before the mountain exploded. I also got the pleasure of witnessing Harry Truman, the lodger, tell the authorities off one day in which he stated he had a gun too and they had no authority to tell him to get out of his cabin. Always loved that mans character. He owned a self-playing, player piano I use to joke with others about being haunted because it played by itself.

Life is what it is these days ever since my birth into this realm on Sept 11th of all the days possible in mortal history.

Since the beginning of this adventure, I have endured a whole hell of a lot of hardships as a mortal being I dissociate from. However, I do not and never will be a label on behalf of human circumstances.

That said, in my teen years, the short story is that I was in love with someone who turned me into both a homicide and a rape survivor. Notice I didnt say victim and I still carry the bittersweet scars of a tragic love.
Gonna leave that tale as it is, but I am a survivor.

Before the beginning of my mortal adulthood, a second false love came to be that cost me my fathers life. Its not a happy tale. Prior to his death, he made a declaration that if he found out that his son was gay he would kill me, before retracting his words and saying that he would kill himself.
Im still not sure how to cope with it and probably never will.

Not longer after, I almost was called home by the elders. A very beauty angelic voice full of allure and divinity came to me in my knocked out state of being after having been struck indoors by a very strong lightning strike in the backroom of the place I worked at. When it happened, the lightning, I had the mental and spiritual state that all I wanted was to get out of this mortal shell of life living displeasure. The Grand Mother of All must have heard my pleas. I couldve left then but decided not to. There where others still here like my mother and sister I was invested with.

So I survived a lightning strike, a rape, a homicide, and maybe a suicide so far.
Life goes on and isnt meant to last forever in the span of a mortality.

It hurt though when a bit later I lost my mother and the State took my younger neice and nephew and put them up for adoption. My entire family was lost that day. Everyone, in a moment, was gone and it was all over with no consideration at all regarding visits or communication and all I was left with was a sister whose always ridiculed my sexuality and choosen a path of hard drugs.
My grandmother I was close to had previously passed the former week of Christmas that year shortly before my mother.
It was and still is rough to deal with and all of it induced schizophrenia.

But, thankfully, its just rust on the coin of my mortality. I know what I am deep within and with that, theres not much else mortal life can do to me. I feel like Ive lived thru the worst of it.

And this is who CJ is... Not really.
Im still in a process of soul retrieval to restore and resurrect the lost pieces the mortal tragedies have taken and broken from the once carefree, tender loving, soul filled spirit that I was originally born with.

Welcome to my world. Hope you enjoyed the deeper look within the mortal aspect of my life. However, none of it is the spirit of my elvenic faerykin soul.
I will outshine it all one day.

Blessed be and be ye blessed fair loved ones and Gaian friends.
Life is hard. But damn if you want it to ever be as hard as mine.
Much love and much peace.
God bless.

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Saija_sidhe Report | 07/04/2020 1:35 pm
Thanks for buying from my store heart have a nice day!
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heart thanks you for buying from my store heart

if got junk drop it here
lmy_destinyl Report | 07/02/2020 10:37 pm
aww cute baby..
so sorry :/
didnt know u r that sweetheart <3
my poor lil thing :/
미안해.. ㅜ <3

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