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emotion_ghost 22 years of age
emotion_ghost Perpetually confused about my own gender, suffers from dysphoria from time to time and cries hideous tears.
emotion_ghost I'm one of those flaming homos that your homophobic uncle warned about.
emotion_ghost You can call me a feminist, egalitarian, humanist, etc. Whatever label that tells you, "hey, human rights and equality is a right everyone should have regardless of gender identity, race, and social status!"
emotion_ghost I'm super friendly when you get to know me.
emotion_ghost League / Overwatch is my jam.
emotion_ghost I'm going to be teaching your kids how to write proper fan-fiction one day, once I get my teaching degree. twisted
emotion_ghost Conspiracy theories are the reason why I breathe--especially the mattress store conspiracy. I don't necessarily believe in a lot of them, but it's fun.

And just so I can get this out of the way.

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Your made-up definition of racism "power + prejudice" literally falls apart outside of white majority countries. You just want an excuse to hate white people without feeling guilty about it, don't even lie to yourself.

"White privilege" is a fake deep understanding of poverty in the west. Privilege is based on socio-economics, not race. Stop pretending like privilege stems from the color of someone's skin and not money and social status. Blaming privilege on white people literally won't fix your shitty economy and suddenly fix poverty. There are very real economic problems that black communities have to face, but those stem from poverty. A person is more likely to turn to gangs, crime, and drugs when they believe they will never get out of their situation. Remember:
Americans who grow up poor are less likely to finish high school.
Americans who grow up poor are less likely to go to college.
Poor people are afforded fewer opportunities than their middle class, upper-class counterparts.
Studies even show that individuals who grow up in poor families are much more likely to be poor in early adulthood.

The "Wage Gap" in western societies has been debunked constantly by economists. (PM for citations.)

Whoever believes in the "Pink Tax" should take a hard look at themselves in the mirror. Shame on you. Women's products have better ingredients + a longer list of ingredients than men's. Seriously. Go compare it for yourself. You are not paying for the SAME product. You are paying for a better quality product. Minus those pink bikes, that's what we call a shady marketing ploy. People are willing to pay a ridiculous price for the shiny new color as such, the marketplace continues to supply that shiny new color at a much higher price.

I don't believe people should be witch-hunted, (doxxed), or punched for simply saying something you didn't like. If you believe that someone should be harassed or physically beaten for having a different political opinion than you (IF THEY ARE HURTING NO ONE) please seek help from a psychologist before you hurt yourself or someone else.



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Sweet Vittoria Report | 09/12/2018 2:46 am
Sweet Vittoria
HI. I'm flattered you'd invite me to your guys' Vendetta guild. But as the joining fee is currently one platinum, that's going to be a big fat hell no lol. I've never once made that kind of coin on here, and If I did have that kind of bank accumulated, I certainly wouldn't waste it on this. Have a good day.
AshleyCutez Report | 08/12/2018 3:33 am
<3 heart
AshleyCutez Report | 08/12/2018 3:32 am
Wooo! Thank you for Link!

what i looking for art!

I hope see you around again <3 pls won't forget me!!! heart
AshleyCutez Report | 08/12/2018 3:28 am
oh wait sec! you so artist???? if i like buy one? o.o
nahh you really kinda nice friendly! too and i'm so sorry i so crazy myself and very shyyy!!! sweatdrop

very gladly hear of it! heart
AshleyCutez Report | 08/12/2018 3:21 am
ahh! i not remember so sorry!

But i like said Very my pleasure and Thank you!! heart

oh god i love your avi so beautiful and cuties too redface
AshleyCutez Report | 08/12/2018 3:16 am
o.o really!?!? i don't remember!

ehh damn i trying thinking what i have.. >.<
The Omega Pirate Report | 08/10/2018 1:36 pm
The Omega Pirate
Yup! lol Nothing was inherently racist about the thread what so ever. Just stated a fact, and they immediately got triggered. Yeah, leftists believe that anyone who isn't 100% in agreement with them are racists, nazis, etc...... I'm liberal, but the left continues to push me in a further right direction. It's great because I've been called, racist, homophobic (I'm bisexual, but I hate gays. LOL), alt-right, anything. After trying to build bridges with leftists, they shut me down. Now I enjoy trolling them, and I probably shouldn't go as far as I'm going to avoid getting banned. lol
The Omega Pirate Report | 08/10/2018 11:44 am
The Omega Pirate
Oh yeah, I didn't think about the ban hammer. I don't need that to happen. Granted if I found out I was banned, I wouldn't lose sleep over it, but I'd avoid it if I can. Well, you're one of the only people on the left I've found to be very level headed. I'm glad there are people like you. It takes different opinions to bring us together. Keep doing your thing! smile Also, thanks for reaching out to me. I really appreciate it. smile
The Omega Pirate Report | 08/10/2018 9:11 am
The Omega Pirate
Yeah, I feel you. It's just fun poking the tiger sometimes. Yeah, he actually never refuted a point I had to make, he just has called me a racist over and over again. I used to be a leftist myself until I started having real responsibilities. lol
Edacity Report | 07/28/2018 12:31 am
Didn't even realize this was a comment from a year ago lol. Sorry! I am back on gaia and I think I've might have posted in a recent thread of yours now that I think about it xD tysm for the nice compliment ! You are always more than welcome to draw my babes


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