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~Name: Natalee
~Nickname: Leafy, "Boo-Boo" (Don't ask), Nat Bailey (Yes, after the person, stadium, and White Spot founder), Natnee, Natty, "Yukka" (my cousin is insane)
~Age: 25 (boo-yah!!)
~Hometown: the city where the mayor was arrested for something...
~Relationship status: Engaged <3
~Favourite colour: Yellow
~Favourite animal: Penguin
~Favourite word: "Slaughter" --it just looks amusing, and it contains laughter!! HAHA!
~Hobbies: Guitar, writing (not enough that I'm overly good at it, though), video games!, sleeping, reading, laughing hysterically at the stupid things other people do/say, karaoke.
~Favourite movie: If I had to choose just one, I think I'd implode from indecision.
~Favourite song: Also "unfavourited", but anything that ISN'T rap is generally decent. Yes, that includes country and jazz.
~Favourite teacher: 8th grade science & math teacher, Mr. Dedes. (lolz, Clorox, "Mr. Dweeb" --such fond memories)
~Favourite Holiday/event thingy: Christmas
~Favourite TV Show: Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black
~Favourite video game: Pokemon (haha classic), The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, Anything in the "Tales of" series, Portal 2, League of Legends
~Favourite book(s): Most of the Harry Potter series (up till the 4th one), Howl's Moving Castle, The Thief Lord, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Hobbit
~Favourite Fictional Characters: Roy Mustang (FullMetal Alchemist), Kakashi & Tsunade (Naruto), Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia---KROTCHTOAST! Lol), the Hitachiin brothers & Mori-sempai (Ouran High School Host Club), Shigure Sohma (Fruits Basket), The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland), Severus Snape (Harry Potter). --Yes, 3 of them happen to be complete perverts, too.
~Favourite food: Tomatoes, cabbage rolls, chocolate.
~Strangest thing about me: my laugh, hands down.
~Sanity level: So sane, I'm OUTsane.
~Driving status: "N" XD I can legally drive on my own & with a passenger. Ooooh, exciting.
~Edumacation: I have a Bachelor's Degree (yes, I'm smart).

~Kid's name: Napoleon (my "son", who is, strangely, invisible.) -Birthday: May 29th.

1) Mickey: September 26th, 2003 - November 17, 2015
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2) Squirtle: (Pacific Parrotlet) August 13, 2014 - October 28, 2015 (Hidden birth defects suck)
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Rest in peace, my babies. You're together now.

Xbox 360 Gamertag: ElricSquared (so original, huh?)
Steam: CanadianWench
PSN: Canadian_Wench
WiiU: LeafyNinja
3DS friend code: PM me
League of Legends: LeafyNinja (or) Eekleaf

Various Emailssss:
MSN: kirei_na_sora@hotmail.com
gmail: Eekleaf@gmail.com

Honourable mention:
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Tweedsmuir heart (perhaps my most favourite picture of him, besides the one of him chewing on the plant...) July 2000-May 8, 2011 heart Miss you so very much sweetheart.

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im a wizard

SUPERMAN DAT HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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im a wizard

I think you need to find a better comeback aside from calling me a slut too xp 'sides I like being one and you know it 4laugh
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im a wizard

Put some clothes on slut.
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And the mayor was arrested for beating his wife leafy kins xp
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cool avi

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Leafyyyy.......Leafyyyyy......I'm haunting you, Leafy. 3nodding
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im a wizard

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Roberto Luong-John
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oogity boogity

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